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Re: Mini Pill - Periods gone AWOL!

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I started on the Mini Pill (Micronor) in January after a slight break from the Combined Pill (which I'd been on for over three years but never really agreed with me)... I think I had about a three month break from the Pill altogether and never had a period in that time (nothing unusual after coming off the Pill, I know). About a week after I started on the Mini Pill I had a period which was light and only lasted about three days. Like I said, this was back in January and since then I've had nothin! A couple of times I've felt like I was about to come on (achy feelings and the like) but still nothing!

My Doc did say it might stop my periods all together but is this really that common? Any one had the same thing? (Am definitely not pregnant, btw)

One other thing.. given that packs of the Mini Pill is taken "back to back", how exactly are you supposed to work out when you would be due on? And more to the point, if you're not having periods - how would you know if you were pregnant? Would you just have to wait to start feeling sick and "different", or what? :confused:

I have read the leaflet that came in the Pill box and I'm usually quite clued up about this kinda thing, but I just can't fathom this bit! I didn't see my usual Doc back in January and I'm really regretting it now - the one I did see seemed more embarrassed about it all than anything - he made me feel guilty for getting him to talk about it... Pardon me for being a sensible young woman who cares about her future! *sigh*


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    I'm on Micronor and have found the exact same thing. I've given up on trying to figure out when I'm due on, because it's so random it's pointless. I think it's common for the mini pill to upset your cycle, so I honestly don't think there's any way to tell when you're supposed to come on.
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    Originally posted by rachie004
    As far as I'm aware the mini pill is a 28 day pill.. the first 21 pills are active and the last 7 in the packet are innactive or contain a different dosage.. :confused:

    Micronor are all the same... :(
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    Take a read of our factsheet on the mini pill for some facts and figures. The following organisations will also be able to answer any questions you have about contraception but if you have further concerns you should really go back to your GP.

    Brook Advisory Centres
    Advice, counselling and medical help around contraception, pregnancy, abortion and sexual health.
    Telephone: 0800 0185023

    Family Planning Association
    Information service on family planning and all aspects of sexual health.
    Helpline: 0845 3101334

    Hope this helps
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