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Points, warnings, and breaks

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How does the points system work?

We have guidelines that we ask everyone to follow when joining the boards and group chat. If you break the guidelines of the space you're using, we will typically give you points for it.

If we do, we will PM you directly to tell you. We'll explain what guideline you broke, tell you how many points we added, and give you an update on your current total.

We may also work with you on ways to manage your behaviour if that's something you find useful.

Unless we have no way to contact you, we will never give you points without your knowledge.

Once your account reaches 30 points, you will be put on a temporary break from using the boards and/or chat.

What are points given for?

Here is a break down of some of the things we may give points for:
Lower [0-4 points, expiring after one month]
Discussing breaks or points in group spaces
Posting identifiable or contact information
Encouraging or glorifying damaging behaviours
Bragging about sex or drugs
Derailing or hijacking a thread
Setting up multiple accounts without permission
Using the community to vent about the community
Posting details of harmful substance quantities (possible exceptions at moderator discretion)
Mentioning methods of self-harm
Discussing details of disordered eating
Backseat moderating

Middle [5-9 points, expiring after two months]
Emotional blackmail
Contributing to an argument
Trying to provoke another member
Attacking when provoked
Vagueposting or ‘subtweeting’ another member
Ignoring moderator direction
Discussing suicidal plans
Mentioning methods of suicide
Posting images of self-harm (scars etc. are okay if they're not the reason for the photo)

Upper [10+ points, expiring after three months]
Revealing someone’s identity
Impersonating another member
Personal attacks or threats
Intimidating behaviour

Instant break
Posting spam or unsolicited advertising
Setting up second account when on a break
Predatory behaviour
Age extremely out of remit (e.g. aged 7 or 60)

Please note: this list may be adjusted and points might be given to you for something that isn't currently on this list. The staff team have full discretion.

Don't let this worry you

We're not expecting everyone to stay at zero points all the time. It should be fairly common for people to have up to 10 points, because we all overshare sometimes, act impulsively, or misunderstand things. We're all human and this is why we have moderators.

If we message you to say you've been given points, it's truly not personal. It doesn't affect how we see you and it doesn't mean you're in trouble. Think of it like the usual messages we send if we need to edit your posts - it'll be the exact same thing, only we're keeping a record to check if something becomes a regular occurrence that we might need to chat to you about.


How many points will I be given?
You will be given a number of points within the bracket stated in the breakdown. Whether it's at the low or high end of that bracket will depend on the circumstances and severity.

Do points expire?
Yes. Points are removed from your account after set times, which you can see in the breakdown above.

How can I check how many points I have?
When we add points, we will tell you how many we've added and when they expire. However, you can also PM this account at any time to ask what your current total is.

When will I get put on a break? 
Reaching 30 points will result in a break from the boards and/or group chat, depending on what happened.

Will I get told when I’m close to a break?
Yes. If you're approaching the 30 points mark, we will be clear with you that a break is likely to be the next option if you continue to break guidelines.

The exception to this rule is if you do something serious that bumps you from a low number of points where we wouldn't consider a warning (e.g. 5) up to 30.

How long will the break last?
The duration of this break will be decided between you and the staff team. Your first break usually won’t be very long (typically 1-2 weeks), but this is at staff discretion.

Can I come straight back once my break is over?
While you’re on a break, the staff team will work with you to reach an agreement for how you will use the community going forward. You must complete this agreement before returning to the community.

What happens if I keep getting put on a break?
Any further breaks are likely to be longer than the previous one, eventually resulting in an indefinite break.

If I’m banned from group chat, can I still use the discussion boards? (and vice versa)
In most cases, you will still be allowed to use either the boards or chat during your ban. This will depend on the issues that led to your break and will be discussed privately between you and the staff team.

This thread will remain closed, but if you have any feedback or questions on this, drop us a PM.

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