Support chat for under 16s, 6-7:30pm Saturday

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Happy Friday everybody,

Tomorrow (Saturday), we'll be running our usual, fortnightly support chat for under 16s.
It'll be running from 6-7:30pm and modded by Jane. smile.gif

You should be able to find the 'join' button on this page at 6pm. Buuut we're aware it's not been working that well lately, so if you don't see the button, you can click here to join instead.

Why are we telling you all this a whole day early?
Well, isn't it nice to know these things in advance? ;)

Also, Mike's on holiday...

Have a good one!

We're Aife & Mike - the staff team here at The Mix. We don't provide support via this account, but if you have any questions about the boards or need a hand finding your way around, feel free to drop us a message. Alternatively, you can head over to the Help Desk forum.


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