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Hey, I'm a high schooler living in the US. In the last month, I've decided to look further into the possibility of my having several disorders. So far, it looks like I have a very high probability of social anxiety, a moderate probability of obsessive-compulsive disorder (almost definite trichotillomania and excoriation on the side), and a moderate probability of dependent personality disorder.
I feel a bit trapped on the subject, though--my parents have a history of not taking me seriously. Since I'm not old enough to drive (and would likely be in serious trouble if I went anywhere without permission even if I could drive), I can't get a diagnosis or anything without talking to my parents. Aaand that's why I was looking for an online community.
Also, I'm ace/aro/quoiro. Not out to my parents--guess why--but I'm out to select friends.
So, uh, yeah. Oh, and I like to sing and play horn (more commonly but incorrectly referred to as the French horn), hence the username.


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    Hey @hornnotfrench welcome to the boards! I'm Eleanor, 14, from Scotland. Most of us here are UK based but it's reeeeealy cool that you're from the US - I've always wanted to visit there! Anyway it's great to have you here!
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