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What do you think about our articles?

CaitlinCaitlin Posts: 5 The Mix Staff
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Hi everyone,


We have an exciting opportunity for you. Our editorial team are looking for some feedback on our article content so they can make it even better for you and we’d love to know what you think. We've put together some questions for you to answer - don't feel like you have to answer all of them. Comment your thoughts under this post. We’re looking forward to hearing your feedback! 


  • What do you like about our articles?
  • What would you like to change about our articles?
  • What do you think about the length of our articles?
  • Is there anything you think we should write more about?
  • Do you like the way we speak in our articles? If not, why not?
  • What would you like to change about our images?
  • What would you like to change about our videos?
  • Do you have any general thoughts or feedback you’d like to share?


Let us know if you have any questions 😊


The Mix Team

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  • The MixThe Mix The Mix HQPosts: 2,608 Staff Team
    Just bumping this thread! Share your feedback below :) 

    - Aife
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  • coc0maccoc0mac Posts: 806 Part of The Mix Family
    • I like the way your articles normalise feelings and make everything seem okay to talk about. There's also a great selection of topics!
    • Sometimes when I search for an article on a topic I get confused between true stories, expert advice, your voice etc. I think they could maybe be laid out a little differently so that all expert advice are in one place, all true stories etc. 
    • The length is good! Any longer I think people could stop reading, any shorter you'd miss valuable information - great as it is. 
    • Personally I'd like more about university, and the steps following graduation :smile: 
    • I definitely like the way you speak! It's informative yet friendly, a comforting tone. 
    • The images and videos are good :smile:
    • I'm not sure if there's a suggestion box for article topics already, but if there's not that could be a great idea! So if you are looking for advice and there's not already an article you can ask for one :smile:

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