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Group chats, regular events & competitions

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Here on the boards we run live chats, a number of regular events and competitions (sometimes with prizes!) Here's what to look out for:

Live Chats

Live chats currently happen 5 days a week. The link to the chat room appears on this page when it's open. Every chat has a moderator or two just to make sure things go smoothly. All chats are announced in the Live Chat Announcements section.
  • Support Chat (SC)
    Support chat is a place to talk to others about anything happening in your life or on your mind. It's a moderated, judgement-free zone to get and give advice and share experiences. At the moment, Support Chat happens on:
    Sunday (8-9:30pm), Monday (8-9:30pm), Alternate Tuesdays (8-9:30pm), Wednesday (8-9:30pm), Thursday (8-9:30pm).
  • General Chat (GC)
    General Chat is a great place to get to know other Siters in a relaxed, chatty atmosphere. Talk often revolves around what people have been up to, the latest pop culture obsession, fun, games and general randomness! It happens on:
    Sunday (8-9:30pm), Monday (8-9:30pm), Wednesday (8-9:30pm), Thursday (8-9:30pm).
  • Men Only Chat (MoC) and Women Only Chat (WoC)
    Every fortnight, Tuesday Support Chat is replaced by these two more specialist chats. These chats offer a chance to get support in a gender-specific space. If you want to talk just to other men or other women, these are the chats for you.
    Alternate Tuesdays (8-9:30pm).
  • Expert Chat (EC)
    Around once or twice a month, we invite an expert into the chat room to answer you questions on specific topics. These last for an hour and are open to everyone. For an idea of the kinds of topics we talk about, take a look at our expert chat archive.
  • Workshops Every now and then, we run special workshops around particular issues. In the past, this has included sessions about expressing yourself, boosting self-esteem, managing anxiety and so on. These usually have limited spaces so you'll need to sign up to take part. Keep an eye on the Live Chat Announcements forum for news of the next one.
Post of the Month

At the end of every month, we vote for our favourite post from that month (provided we have enough nominations). The vote usually happens in the Anything Goes forum forum. The posts and threads that are voted on have all been nominated over the course of the month. To nominate a thread or a post for the vote, do the following:

1. Click 'Nominate' on the post you want to nominate or any post in the thread you want to nominate:

2. Type 'POTM' for Post of the Month. Then click 'send report or nomination'

Simple as that :)

So, if you see a post that makes you smile, think, laugh, cry, go 'aww' or is just generally amazing, nominate it and then get ready to vote it up at the end of the month! Note that we only run these if we receive enough nominations.


Every Christmas, Easter and summer we run a live quiz in our chat room. There are generally 3 rounds, which vary from year to year, but tend to include general knowledge, entertainment and/or a The Mix round.

We collect various goodies to give to the winners of each round and the overall winner. Previous prizes have included digital cameras, morph suits, DVDs, art prints, board games and a solar sunflower charger!

Look out for promotions around Christmas, Easter and towards the end of August!

Special Events

Sometimes we run special events on the boards around a particular topic, such as music festivals, volunteering or being independent. These generally involve lots of discussions and competitions designed to get people talking about whatever the theme of the event is.

Questions/suggestions/corrections? Get in touch!
We're @Aife@Mike, @Italia and @Ed_ - the staff team here at The Mix. We don't provide support via this account, but if you have any questions about the boards or need a hand finding your way around, feel free to drop us a message. Alternatively, you can head over to the Help Desk.


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