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  • Jellyelephant said: Omg this thread was from 2 years ago ahaha I loved this!! Just reminds me of how long I’ve been on the mix haha love it! X I know, I feel old as well!
  • we will not let him go LET HIM GO
  • You better still come to my chats every now and again! You've been great and very supportive on here to everyone, and even with Abi ramming carers stuff down our throats it won't be as much as both of you going at it!  You're always welcome back…
  • Spare him his life from this monstrosity! #throwbackthursdaywednesday
  • Anyone been watching HBO's Chernobyl?
  • Public toilets! There's fewer free toilets on the highstreet now, and with the highstreets in decline you'd think they'd do more to try and make it more appealing to shoppers Some interesting dialogue here about if things can really be 'free' and …
  • I've just seen this, some great supportive posts! Thanks for the nom!
  • James!  But I don't particularly like babies so it'd probably be a puppy What's the weirdest present you've ever been given?
    in Q&A Thread Comment by Aidan June 16
  • We're working on ways to cut through this, and we're also considering whether community-based services are just an inefficient way to encourage the average guy to seek support for themselves. Actually this is something I hadn't considered myself a…
  • My answer to my own question would have been Egypt, and there I had a similar experience with some market traders offering a number of camels for my sister, in hindsight I should've taken the camels but idk what they would've said about that back at…
    in Q&A Thread Comment by Aidan June 15
  • To commemorate me just catching the BBMF's Lancaster bomber flying over my village Where's the furthest you've travelled by plane?
    in Q&A Thread Comment by Aidan June 15
  • Books, because at least books have a conclusion where a magazine might run on forever! It's why I don't like soaps either And magazines are half adverts when you've (probably) had to pay for it anyway What's your favourite book, or your favour…
    in Q&A Thread Comment by Aidan June 13
  • If only I enjoyed the rain as much as she does Cute pupper @Mike !
  • LNER Class A4, by a long shot Favourite way to travel?
    in Q&A Thread Comment by Aidan June 13
  • This evil, Beelzebub-inspired site gave graphic advice on how to perform sex acts Beelzebub has a devil put aside for meeee
  • Never tried it, but I don't mind twiglets and people say if I eat twiglets a) I'm disgustang and b) like marmite so probably lover? What's your favourite season?
    in Q&A Thread Comment by Aidan June 13
  • Was a good riddle (and a good joke too by my standards ), can't say I'd heard it before! (Spoiler)
  • I must say usually it's the other way round for me, I sit on the bus and don't say anything and the old folk talk to me! It must be really lonely for them, when they can't use technology the same way we can to communicate, or be physically able to …
  • Plane spotting and stargazing, when the weather permits What do you usually have for breakfast?
    in Q&A Thread Comment by Aidan June 12
  • That sounds really big Aimee, best of luck! Wow @Abigail  you've been caring nearly all your life? Can really tell you both care a lot about this and put a lot of work into trying to raise awareness and help others who are carers too.
  • I see, so it was a choice between guests accounts and the influx of spam and misuse, or only having users be able to flag posts? Thanks for the insight!
  • @Millie2787 a conference sounds quite daunting! What's that for- to raise awareness? I'm sure you'll do great chairing it, at least it means you'l' be sat down Thanks for your answer, it's quite insightful into how young carers realise their situ…
  • Thank you for sharing this! It's very clear lots of effort went into compiling this together, and it's very insightful into what it's like being a young carer. I hope this finds it way to many young carers in future and can help them out!
  • That's great that you're open to questions So @Abigail and @Millie2787 how old were you both when you starting being carers? And if you didn't realise it at the time, when did you realise you were young carers? Thanks!
  • there is a certain level of responsibility on everyone to be mindful of your triggers and self-moderate when you need to The guidelines are just that - guidelines Chat mods are trained in keeping groups safe, functional and healthy, and sometime…
  • My thoughts are that ultimately, group chat is about the group. The guidelines are there for the best interests of the group, and that is why @The Mix is always wanting to hear the opinions of chatters about how chat currently works, so that group …
  • Hey Shaunie! As far as I'm aware, currently if something (within the guidelines) triggers a chatter, it's that chatter's responsibility to evaluate whether they can continue to use that space productively anymore, and to decide whether they can con…