*Introduces self*

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Hey everyone. I used to come on here loads aaaages ago, it was fun then. Then I got all livejournal obsessed [plug plug] but I'm bored tonight so I thought I'd come back and see who was about.

Um, what to say. I'm 18, I live in Bristol. I write a lot, but very little of it is half decent. And I usually write during that time when you're not quite asleep but you're definately not coherant anymore. So, waking up is always amusing - to see what kinda crap I scribbled down the night before.

I'm a sad geeky internet addict, it's true. TALK NERDY TO ME.

I have the best best friend ever, he's called Matt and he makes Katey smiiiile.

Aaaand... I have too much time on my hands :)

Nice to meet you all!

*tries to figure out how to add an image*

Hope that worked :)


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