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I've just finished my AS levels, which means i'm doing my A levels next year (well obviously). And anyway, after that i'm keen to take a year out. I've heard about overseas volunteering and thought it'ld be a really really nice experience in helping other people (ideally children) and at the same time getting to travel for a couple of months or so.

I thought i'd start looking up on it, but when I did I was shocked at the amount of money it all costs?! I thought the idea of it was to offer your skills and time in helping people in other countries.. but all of the ones I looked at cost around a grand for a couple months. :eek2: Have I been looking at dodgy organisations? or does this volunteering actually cost that much?

As you can probably tell I know very little about it all, and after initially looking was put off by the amount of money it costs.. Is it all like this? Or are there grants and things which will pay for it? Do you know of any reputable organisations which do overseas volunteering ideally for those taking gap years and such?

Thanks. :)


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    I have been a volunteer in an orphanage in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. It was a mind-opening experience and one that I would happily and instantly repeat.

    I did it with the International Voluntary Service. They have a huge range of options (300 or more) in numerous countries throughout the world.

    The cost is not that large: £80 for membership and the processing of your application (it's all done via faxes). Food and accommodation is included (so the £80 also covers these). The extras you have to pay for are getting to and from the camp and insurance - obviously very inexpensive if done close-by, say in the UK, Ireland, the Netherlands, etc.

    Instead of this, you could combine volunteering with travelling. For instance, you could travel in India (I'm a keen backpacker with India being my top country) and volunteer for, say, 4 months (you'll probably have to pay for your food and accommodation but this is exceptionally - and unbelievably - cheap). Thereafter (or indeed before), you could travel within this amazingly diverse and absolutely fascinating country. Take a look at a Lonely Planet guide to the country of interest.
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    Check out our fantastic sister site www.do-it.org , they cover volunteering overseas really well

    Susie :)
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    I recently joined up with Timebank, and I know they help with finding you volunteer work oversees.

    I found them really helpful and willing in taking the time to find me something suitable rather than just making me do something for the sake of it... that's not what it's all about!!

    Definitely worth checking them out anyway - www.timebank.org.uk
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