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Good Evening :)

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Let me introduce myself

my name is Jake Orpin, im 17 from worthing, west sussex (10 miles away from brighton)

heard loads of people talking about thesite so i checked it out, noticed it had loads of cool stuff and really good relevant information that is actually relevant :)

About me? :
not much to tell really, im a GREAT music lover, music is my life
Favorite bands have to be:
Stereophonics (their old stuff = WINN0R!)
Foo Fighters - just class, complete class
Blink182 - such a good band
Green day - really good band, i saw them in concert last year and it was the best experience of my life - im just in love with them :)

Im in a band called Third Time Luckie, we mainly play covers (mainly of the bands above ^^) but we also write our own stuff which is progressing nicely :)

other interests? love kayaking - thats great fun, nothing beats being in a kayak going down a grade 3 river :)

Im also a DJ for ukcsa.radio - i love djing!

Forum looks really great, makes a change from the forums i normally use which are normally full of whining little kids and immature people !

Anyway this has been a LONG essay ;) i look forward to becoming a part of this brilliant community

Thats all for now... i think ;]


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