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love triangles (and other more than 2-sided shapes)

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Hello hello I haven't posted on here in a while but i felt the urge so..
What experiences has everyone had with 'love triangles' (e.g person 1 likes person 2 who's in love wiht person 3 who's secretly mad about person 1 etc) and how did it all work out in the end etc?

Atm I'm kind of in one, it's not all that pleasant. Me and my boyrfiend are really happy together (which is the main thing really) and his best friend dates one of my best friends. But me and my bf's best friend used to have an on-going flirtation before we got together and the attraction is evidently still there for both of us. To top it off MY friend used to go out with MY boyfriend and they had rather a nasty break-up.
So far everyone seems to deal fine with it. Even though we can be a little awkward around each other when forced to hang out in a big group.

So, how about everyone else?


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    Sounds confusing! Ok, i went out with a lad my best friend had been out with and she went out with my ex! I suppose i always had a thing for my ex but i was happy cause i was with the one i wanted and so was she! We're not together now but it worked out for 6 months, not bad going!
    But if ur best mates ex is with u then he obviously wants you! So good luck :)
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    ok....me and my ex broke up, and still liked each other but didnt wanna go back out (he was still getting over being dumped:( ) and he tried to go out w/someone to get over me....my best friend. soo shes head over heals for him :love:, so am i..but he likes me (he kissed me and told me he loved :heart: me, then he broke up w/her) and it was just crazy, but it all worked out in the end. im happy w/my bf (same guy) :heart: and me and my best friend are still that- best friends :)
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