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Second Interview

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I had an interview for a Clerical Assistant's position for an Insurance Brokers on Monday morning. I got a phone call this morning asking me to attend a second interview tomorrow afternoon... Just wondering if anyone has any advice? If I should treat it any differently than the first and ask/do anything different?

I am quite familiar with the guy interviewing me (he comes into the restaurant where I work now!) and a lot of the other company directors, so that's on my side already. I was asked to apply by one of the directors, then he went on holiday and the ad appeared in the local paper while he was away. I applied, and got the interview, then he came back and came into see us all where I work now. He didn't know I'd got the interview and hadn't said anything to anyone else about me - so I got the interview on the strength of my CV alone.

The interview seemed to go pretty well, tho I was aware he was doing more of the talking than me, and there are a couple of things I know I forgot to mention (things that would go in my favour!) so I can use them tomorrow, but I was just wondering if there was anything else that I might have forgotten?! Thanks!


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    A 2nd interview is a good time to find out more about the role, your responsibilities, and training etc.

    It's always good to show interest in the company, where they are going, and what the future holds.

    The more you know about the company, the better.

    Good luck!
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    Thanks for that Cheezie :)

    Oh, and I got the job! :D I start on the 4th of August; 9-to-5 Mon-Fri and the pay is pretty good too! :)
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    Ok, I know you already got the job but just incase anyone is doing a search, I thought I would answer!

    A second interview is a great time to show how interested you are in the firm. Ask questions - what are the hours and conditions like? Who would you be working with? How many in your "team"? Who will be your superviser? Who would I ask for holidays? What is the proceedure for overtime or extra hours? Is there a uniform / dress code? If you're working in a certain kind of industry you can ask certain questions, tailored to that industry.

    For example, if I was interviewing someone, I would hope they would ask how tight deadlines are, if they can be extended and what the timescale is design alterations. I would also want them to ask who they have to take fabric / colour enquiries too.
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