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interrail plans (i know, but that other one is experiences!)

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Me and my friend are discussing going to see a bit of europe for a couple of weeks (ok, so we're not going to see all that much in a couple of weeks...) and have been pricing up:

Interrail would be £149 for 22 days in one zone, or preferably £195 for a month in 2 zones...

Eurolines (coach) would be £209 for a month covering the whole of europe.

Anyone else found anything cheeper? On top of that theres going to be food, somewhere to sleep, doing things etc of course.

Looking at going somewhere sunny (s. france or preferbly spain) but also would want to drop in in Amsterdam because we went for a day a while ago and didnt really have time to look round.

Any suggestions for where to go, what to do and how to do it cheeply?

(and yes, i am about to do a search because i get the feeling there might be something of use...)


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    www.hostelbooking.com You can book all your hostel rooms online before you go with a Switch or credit card. This is a very useful site. If you are going to do the hostel thing make sure you get a YHA card from any British hostel before you leave (assuming, of course, you are British, otherwise whatever your equivalent is).

    Interrail is very handy because you can get on any train at any time in any country (according to your zones), whereas with Eurolines I'm guessing you can only use Eurolines coaches, am I right? Plus, if you want to go into a country that isn't in your zone, you only have to pay a small extra charge (sometimes you can get away without paying anything extra).
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