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Making Iraq a showplace in the Middle East.

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I just found this article uplifting for the Iraqis people after they were so held down. Here you have an educated population who are about to be connected to the world. I think information is the best friend to democracy.

I'm opening my umbrella cause I know someone from the site is going to rain on my parade. :p


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    Most importantly you can NOT force democracy on people, it doesnt work that way.
    I think the US deciding to put a general in charge in the mean time was terrible PR and they really shouldnt have done that, it really created the impression that its an ocupation, well if people hadnt got that idea already.

    I think the US cant quite get to grips with the fact that there are a lot of people who dont actualy feel that democracy is such a great thing. A lot of countries have royalty or relgious leaders who the followers feel are better placed to lead them.

    Also by implementing democracy in Iraq the US may well insite a whole lot of trouble in other countries, Egypt, UAE etc when their leaders try very hard to hold onto power.

    Also what happens if they vote in someone the US doesnt like? Its highly likely that the person 'elected' wont just be a stooge of the US, then what? We go back to war?

    The US MUST change its international policy otherwise, milatry might or not, they will not be able to combact the hatred and violence coming its way.
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    Read it and weep baby-doll, the Kurds don't want the UN back in Iraq. The UN and friends facilitated the torture and murder of Kurds in order to make money for itself and great deals for Russia, France and Germany.
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