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watching sports.

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bumblebee ...i cannot stand friggin sport. i cannot comprehend how so many millions of people and so many bazillions of squids can go into seeing who can throw a stick the furthest, jump farthest across the sandpit, run round a big circle the fastest.
"i can jump higher than you"! naw not for me i'm afraid.


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    Thats because you have taken the lazy version of sport to be its be all and end all.

    First, if you are sitting down drinking a beer and eating a hotdog you are not taking part in a sporting event.

    Same is true if you are watching TV.

    I like kayaking, climbing, cycling and judo because they are sports I enjoy, that keep me active and give me a chance to relax.
    I don't do any of them in a competitive enviroment (well, i've done a few judo competitions, but I think they take up about 1% of the total time I spend practicing), and simply like the way they make me feel, and am glad of the confidence they give me.

    They give me something to do, something to aim towards (grades etc), keeps me happy, keeps me in a reasonalbe shape, stops me watching TV and gives me a chance to use up all the caffine in my system.

    What part of this do you find hard to comprehend?

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