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would you snog him again?

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Just wondering what your views are on this, both male and female views.

In the past couple of months my best mate has snogged this guy she likes about 6 times. If they are both in the same place on a sat night etc they end up snogging. He doesnt ring her or text her, i think she's texted him a few times though (even though she denies it)

I reckon she really likes him, but do you think he likes her? I think that he has to like her because he wouldnt snog her all the time oif he didnt. Plus, she says he's real sweet and affectionate (like kissing her cheek, holding hands in the pub,blah blah blahim not jealous, i swear ) and he doesnt try and get her into bed or anything. But why isn't he textin her then?

Her sister doesnt agree with me at all. She thinks that he's just snogging her again and again because he knows he can. She's not easy or anything but he knows she likes him.
(does that make sense??
:confused: ) If this is true though, since he's male he'd also try to shag her if he thought theres a chance she would?, right? And both of them are good looking, so its not as if they cant snog anyone else.

Anyway, any opinions?
I reckon she shouldnt snog him again till she knows whats going on, but if she see's him this weekend I bet she'll snog him anyway.
Some people's lovelifes are so full of action once again, im not jealous, honest! lol


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    I think that he's kissing her maybe because he knows that he can, and it will give his ego a bit of a boost because he knows she likes him.
    All guys aren't nobheads and he maybe doesn't want to have sex with her because he doesn't want to fuck her and chuck her. A kiss is a kiss and its harmless but having sex is a bit more full on.
    Think you should let her be, if he starts shagging her on a weekend and then still not txting, calling etc. then you may have grounds then as a friend to try and tell her shes been messed about.
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    i think your friend is lucky to have you this concerned about her! even if you tell her to stop kissin him, she wont listen and may end up in you 2 falling out as she may see you as jealous (not saying that you are)
    besides...its only kissing at the moment and its nothing to serious. is your friend happy? because if he is makin her happy i would just leave her to it but be prepared to be there for her if it all goes belly up!
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    I've been there! When I was in my first year at uni there were 2 guys that I used to pull whenever I saw them down the union...it was a guaranteed thing....a snog from 1 of 2 fit blokes ;) 1 lived in my block in halls and he never said he'd phone or anything, but the other was a year above me and everytime it happened he always said 'I'll call you' and never did. I was perfectly happy with the situation though cos I didn't want a boyf anyway, and it was good to have someone to pull whenever I went out!! ;) They both ended around the same time but with different endings....Boy no. 1 who lived in my block - I ended up sleeping with him and nothing ever happened with him again - I think he'd got what he wanted and that was that. So then a few weeks later, I decided that I wasn't going to sleep with no.2 cos I didn't want another one night stand! He tried to come back to mine and when I said no, I never heard from him again either! :rolleyes:
    So in my opinion, this guy is probably after your mate cos he knows it's a guranteed pull that he can get whenever he wants! If she's just doing it for a snog when she's out like I was, then if it ends badly I'm sure she'll be fine! but on the other hand, if she really likes him, she's going to be hurt if he doesn't feel the same. Either way, I think it's something she'll have to find out for herself!
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    What Faith said kinda makes it look like he's just after her for one thing and we all know what that is...

    But let her make her own mistakes. It seems she's happy with the situation, so it's great for her you're concerned but I'd leave her if I were you. She might need your shoulder to cry on later though!
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    Thanx for the replies :) I prob sound like a jealous old fool to you all though. Im all up for snogging different blokes every night of the week, kissings nothing really. I think its different in this case though because she really likes him. I dont want her to get too keen on him without him being interested too, if that makes sense? Unrequited love, and all that.

    She asked me today what should she do if she see's him in the pub again. What do you's think? I said she should talk to him and see what the story is, see if he's really interested or not. At least she'll know for sure then.

    The thing thats weird to me is the fact that he says he'll ring and says he really likes her etc, and then doesnt get in touch.
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    on the other hand, it could be that he's really shy and waiting for her to make the first move as far as admitting to liking him goes :)

    I had a friend who fancied this guy for AGES and he fancied her, and they would often get quite friendly down the union. But neither of them knew just how much the other one liked them, until we forced them to sort it out once and for all :)
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    Last term I ended up snogging a girl every time I met her, but I never tried to bed her cos I was so shy! Eventually she literally dragged me into her bed. After she'd slept with me that once, she'd got what she wanted and isn't flirty with me any more :( So remember, it's not only guys who behave like that!

    I think you should warn her not to get used like that. Make her talk to the guy about where she stands, before she takes it any further and her feelings get too deep.
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