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Free speech or progaganda from Saddam AND Bush?

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One of the major free broadcasters in the US got an interview with Saddam through a source with ties to terrrorist groups from the Mid East. The White House wants someone from the Executive Branch of the government to have the opportunity to rebut what Saddam says in the interview. The broadcaster since Bush is the one that wants the opportunity, let him come on after the broadcast and do it himself. The White House said no because that would put Saddam on the same level as the President. What do you think. Here's an article that spells the fight out.



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    You would have thought that if Saddam is the lying, deceiving madman portrayed by anyone a public interview would only highlight this. What is the White House afraid of?

    Saddam is a head of state just as Bush is the President of the US. I am afraid that fact puts them "on the same level" already.

    I would really love to see that live televised debate between Bush and Saddam happening. Top show!
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    I totally agree with what you said Aladdin 100%.
    Sometimes Bush comes off like a brat. That's why I had wanted you and Clandestine especially to read a posting I put up last week about an insightful article regarding Bush and the Peace Marchers. It wasn't flattering...but just really insightful to me.
    (Even though, to be honest, I'm still in favor of going to war against Iraq out of fear.) I wanted to know what both of you thought.
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    I think that apart from being a nice way for CBS to grab ratings, it wouldnt amount to much. Although, having said that, it might be interesting to see if such a live debate would unmask those in the current administration who direcly or indirectly assisted Saddam in the 80's both financially and militarily (i.e. Chem/Bio agents sales, technical know-how for conversion to WMDs and financial backing) in front of the American public.

    That would be worth seeing if it might undermine the credibility once and for all of the Bush White House to any significant degree.
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    Ahhh Clandestine, exactly. That's why Bush doesn't want to debate. What would he say if Saddam says: you supplied me and were on my side when we were at war with Iran. And most of the murders the US talks about...happened against Iran and with the US support.

    The other thing too is that Bush is already talking about Saddam in the past tense.
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    Bush: Saddam you killed the Kurds!

    Saddam: You are giving a bribe of tens of billions of dollars to Turkey, which has slaughtered and tortured far and away more Kurds than I ever have. You have also given Turkey the green light to deal with the Kurds in Northern Iraq. Some humanitarian you are, a humanitarian with a gullotine!

    Bush: You have Weapons of Mass Destruction!

    Saddam: I used to have the Weapons of Mass Destruction given to me by America, and by members of your own administration, but I have since destroyed them. By all means, show me the Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq.

    Bush: Just because I do not know where the weapons are do not mean they do not exist. It is incumbant upon you to prove you do not have the weapons.

    Saddam: It is impossible for me to prove a negative. Nice logic Dubya.

    Bush: You gassed your own people!

    Saddam: It was not me who gassed Americans in 1993 in Waco Texas.

    Bush: You torture your own people!

    Saddam: So does the State of Israel which is quite open about it. Your administration is giving Israel billions of dollars. Why are you doing that if you are opposed to torture.

    Bush: Well it is because I believe in Democracy!

    Saddam: If you believe in Democracy why do you finance dictatorships throughout the entire world with billions of dollars annually like the one in Egypt and the one in Pakistan?

    Bush: Well that is because I believe in Freedom!

    Saddam: How is Iraq supposed to be a "free country" if it is ruled by an American military dictator? Is that not a contradiction?

    Bush: General Tommy Franks is going to "free" Iraq and "reconstruct" it.

    Saddam: Would that be in anyway similar to how America "reconstructed" the American South or Germany with the Morgenthau Plan?

    Bush: Don't mess with Texas!

    Saddam: Your family is from New England. You are not from Texas.

    Bush: You are a threat to your neighbors!

    Saddam: I have never attacked Canada, Mexico, Cuba, Haiti, the Domincan Republic, Panama, Grenada, or Nicaragua. That would be the United States.

    Bush: You attacked Kuwait, a sovereign nation.

    Saddam: Kuwait is about as much of a nation as Alaska. Surely you would not object to me arbitrarily creating the independent nation of Alaska and buying up its oil reserves?

    Bush: You hate the Jews!

    Saddam: Yes, it is true. I hate the Jews. The Jews threaten to attack Iraq with nuclear weapons all the time. The Jews have also attacked Iraq in the past as they attacked and occupied Lebanon. Why should I like the Jews given how belligerent they are?

    Bush: Are you insane? Did you not see Schindler' List? Do you deny the Holocaust?

    Saddam: I do not deny that tens of millions of Europeans died in a war started by International Jewry. Do you?

    Bush: Adolf Hitler wanted to conquer the world.

    Saddam: Adolf Hitler never controlled entire continents or all four of the world's oceans. Adolf Hitler never colonized Ireland nor did he dominate India.

    Bush: He killed the Jews in concentration camps, he attacked his neighbors.

    Saddam: When you did it you called it "Manifest Destiny."

    Bush: You are a threat to world peace! You are a threat to the entire world.

    Saddam: I am not the one pushing for war. I do not have the capability to belligerently attack pretty much any nation in the world at will - like the United States does every other year or so.

    Bush: The lord almighty has endowed me with the power to enact a "regime change" in Iraq.

    Saddam: A fan of the "divine rights of kings" I see!

    Bush: I shall use the federal government to "transform the souls" of men!

    Saddam: Someone tell this charlatan he is not Caligula.
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    You take away much of the validity of your goodpoints with your unjustified claims against the jews.........

    How dis 'international jewry' start WW2?
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    Agree with Toadborg. Started well but some nasty if not plain racist stuff about the Jews there

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    Yeah, I thought it was funny until the nutty Jewish stuff.
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