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well hello there!

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I'm new!

As if you couldn't guess by the fact that I am posting in a forum named "Introduce Yourself"!

Am also very bored.

And a little drunk (the idea was a bit of rosé would combat the boredom! It hasn't worked yet, but there is still half a bottle left.)

Don't really know what to say here.

Hello! :)

I know, I'll try and put a picture in, that'll waste a bit of time.

Um ok, here's me in a nutshell:

21 (nearly) year old student doing languages at Heriot-Watt uni in Edinburgh. Am currently on year abroad, which means I do a 5 month placement in each of the countries whose language I study (i.e. France and Russia). Right now I am in between placements, just finished in France and due to go to Moscow at the end of the month (which I am v scared about let it be noted).

What do I like? Dancing, shopping, going out, Moulin Rouge (esp. Ewan McGregor), Robbie Williams, chicken, Harry Potter, talking politics (and shit), and pink (the colour, not the singer, though i think she's quite good too).

What do I not like? Malibu (in fact anything with coconut in it), spiders, atomic kitten, oysters and liquorice allsorts.

Please say hello to me, it would make my day!



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