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Well, I searched through past topics and I couldn't find anything like this one I'm creating, so sorry if it's a duplicate!!

Anyway, I just got back from volunteering with the Winged Fellowship Trust in Southport. It was residential, it took up my entire half term (Saturday to Saturday), the beds were a little lumpy...but it was absolutely, positively, 100% worth it.

For those of you who don't know, Winged Fellowship organises respite care for disabled adults and their carers. Basically, they get a holiday...and so do the people who care for them on a full-time basis. The disabilities ranged from cerebal palsy (sp?) to alzheimers, some of the guests were deaf, some blind...some of them couldn't speak - but none of it was too intense.

I honestly can't recommend it enough, I've met some really great friends who I plan to stay in touch with. The staff were fantastic, friendly and happy to welcome volunteers into their close-knit circle. The guests were a joy to be around, and many of them didn't want anything other than your company.

If you have a spare week (I know most people don't have a spare minute, but you never know...) you should definitely consider this...you don't even need to have had any experience!


Ok, so now that's my recommendation...does anyone else have anything to add? Has there been something that you really enjoyed? Or even something that you didn't enjoy too much, but you think someone else might enjoy? Let's all help each other out here, because you can never do too much for the people around you :D


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    I went on a Winged Fellowship holiday as a volunteer too in Summer 2001 and also would highly recommend it. I went to Netley Waterside House in Southampton and next year I am going to Jubilee Lodge in Essex. I met some really good friends there and a year later we are still in touch which given that we live completely spread out across the country is pretty amazing. True it's hard work but the more you put into something the more you get out of it. The first time I went to be honest was only for my Duke of Edinburgh's Award as I HAD to do something residential and everything else was too expensive but I had such a good time and am going back completely though free will.
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    I loved Winged Fellowship too and when I got back home, I wanted to continue that kind of voluntary work on a "few hours a week" basis - you're right, its hard to dedicate a whole week at a time.

    The two guests I got on best with at Winged Fellowship both had brain injuries and mentioned that they loved attending their local Headway House for two or three days a week - Headway is the brain injury association in the UK. I now volunteer regularly at Headway East London helping with computer skills mostly, but there are lots of other activities.

    For contact details for Headway East London, go to www.headwayeastlondon.org.

    To find Headway Houses in other parts of the UK, go to www.headway.org.uk.
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    Originally posted by shelaine
    I loved Winged Fellowship too

    Which centre did you go to? Just cos I'm nosey...
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    Funnily enough, Jubilee Lodge in Chigwell. Don't know how it compares to Netley though. Location itself is nothing special, but it has good access to London for sightseeing trips.
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    That sounds very interesting.

    I'm involved with a local group in Wrexham, for young people with physical and learning disabilities and behavioural problems. basically, it's like a youthclub where they can meet up, get involved in activities and go places. Yeah, it's really rewarding just to make people smile though.

    The staff are Ok, though it ain't very tight knit. As a volunteer, there isn't all that much I can do, apart from helping out with activities. But yeah, if you're in North Wales I'd recommend it...
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