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place to stay?

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Hey. From the uni's I've applied for, one is John Moores.
I like the look of the place. But theres a problem with accomodation...

This uni hasn't got a lot of spaces in the halls of residence. because of this, they say students applying, who live in Merseyside (Same county as the uni), aren't allowed a place.

There is somewhere called Liverpool student homes which would be an option, but with the accomodation available there...student's would be a lodger in a house or something similar I think.

I don't like the look of this, coz I'd really like to be around other students. I'm bad at socialising, so thought I'd be able to make friends with people staying in the halls of residence near me.

Are there any other options anyone knows about for this?
Or would I have no choice, and be forced to apply to live on my own somewhere?


(If theres someone who replies who goes to JMU, that would help quite a bit, coz he/she would know what I'm talking about with the accomodation problems the uni has).


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