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psychology and personal statement

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I'm doing my personal statement at the moment and want to do a psychology course at either Leeds or Nottingham in particular.
However I've never studied this subject as it hasn't been an option at my school, so I'm finding it difficult to justify why I want to do the subject etcm as I don't have any background info or experiences about it which I would with a subject like Geography for example. My A level subjects are Economics, English Lit and Geography and I did an AS in Latin.

So does anyone know how I can make myself seem a good candidate for psychology considering the lack of experience I've had with the subject?

Thanks :cool:


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    Tell the truth!

    Why do you want to study psychology? Say that although you have never studied the subject before you would love the opportunity to study it because it fascinates you. Think of a particular aspect you like the sound of and play to its strenghs.

    If you like the look of doing investgations, make out you're really into statistics (a lot of these in psychology) and doing economics has helped you.....
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    Hunt around for some generic introduction to psychology books that you can read before you have your interview/open day. I can't offer any advice on what esteemed volumes to read as I've never done pyschology in me entire life but it shows interest and independent action on your part.
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    personal statement

    I did similar A-levels to you (Eng Lit, Economics, Politics and AS Philosophy) and applied to do Philosophy and Psychology joint at both Leeds and Nottingham. I got offers from both, despite not having done Psychology A -level. I don't think it's something universities necessarily look for, as not every college offers it. In my personal statement I started off by saying where my interest had arisen and then expanded on how I had done further reading and talked about books I had read and special interests I had. I also mentioned what skills I had which I thought would be relevant to the subject which is good as it shows you know what is involved. Make sure it sounds like you have a genuine academic interest and that you have researched into what you will be studying and what the course entails.
    I can send you a copy of the relevant bits of my statement if you like. Email me at [email protected]
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    The first year of a psychology degree is taught with the assumption that you all know nothing about the subject as it is not a common course at colleges. This can be irritating for those who have studied it, but for those that haven't it means you will be at no disadvantage.

    I'd agree with the others in saying that you should just be honest in why you want to study it, however do do some research so you know you are saying the right things...psychology is scientific, it does involve A LOT of statistics and it won't allow you to psychoanalyse your mates.

    Maybe pick a topic on the course outline that you like the sound of and mention that you are interested in this (and why). Or, if you have an idea, say what career you would like and how the course would relate to that.

    I'd recommend you go and see your careers advisor who can go through your personal statement with you and make sure you are writing about the right things.

    Susie :)
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