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fire fighting

Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,324 The Mix Honorary Guru
aight everyone:)

just thought i'd ask this while im here.

i REALLY want to be a fire fighter...its not just the pay and perks im interested in; since i was little i wanted to be just like my uncle (a fire fighter) and i want to help save lives.
ive been to various sites about the london fire brigade and essex fire brigade, and i've read all the info concerning the tests etc needed to be fully recruited.

thing is...i smoke.
i'm 18 in january and i'll be applying then. i dont think im particularly unfit, but like all smokers i get worn out a bit quicker than a non-smoker. i can run as fast as i ever could, and i can keep runnin for quite a while (longer than you'd think).
the thing i'm worried about is my pulse etc.
obviously, if i get tested on recovery rate (or if they check my pulse or whatever after running) i'll be beating a lot faster than the other people.

does anyone know the ins and outs of becoming a fire fighter? im getting paid in two weeks time, buying a nicotine inhaler and giving quitting smoking my best shot...but of course your lungs dont magically regain their health as soon as you quit.

i just need to know about how healthy you have to be, and if its ok to be a little unfit.



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