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where can the accept me?

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ok first of, i'm in the us, (i don't know much about the economy and folkways/mores in other societies) so i don't know if things are the same, but anyway heres what i'm getting at, i'm 17 with coloured hair and piercings, no place will hire me, they all have rules about this, every interview that i've been to always starts by them telling me that they don't allow it and if i will take them out, then it ends by me saying that i won't change. so my question is, does anybody have any suggestions on places that would hire people like this? i believe that a persons job shouldn't hinder their personality (especailly if it is a teen-age job)
thanks peaches


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    I think in order to get a job you will just have to except what the employers are saying and remove your piercing. You can returning them after your day of work.

    You saying this is like me saying;

    'I wont wear a uniform because i refuse to wear clothes that i wouldnt normally wear'

    Not much chance of getting a job with that attitude is there.

    Look at it from their point of view aswell, im not critising the way you wish to dress its just that you must be able to see their point of view. If you are not appropriate for the job then they will not hire you and this includes your appearance. I know this is a sad fact but its the way the world of work works.

    Maybe try a job working in a percing studio, record store, one of those 'hippy' style shops. Try appling for somewhere where your appearance wont be an issue and you can be accepted
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    Perhaps you feel that your look is part of who you are - it defines you.

    It isn't that the employers are criticising your look, they just don't think it is appropriate for the workplace, and I agree to sdome extent.

    Maybe for interviews you could tone it down?

    There are also health and safety reasons why you can't wear too much jewellrey etc for work.
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    Maybe clothes shops, music shops, generally places that appeal to younger people so having a cool image is important.
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    Ah the appearance thing...

    You could try to work for places that sell into that kind of look - clothes/ skate/ music/ piercing shops etc. As in a way you would be advertising the product.

    Then there are jobs where you won't actually deal with the public or clients, so it shouldn't matter how you look, although they may insist you wear a uniform anyway. Some offices have very relaxed dress codes, so I guess it's a case of looking around.

    You could also try more arty places, cafes, arthouse cinemas etc or working in kitchens - however there will be hygeine issues there - hats and plasters.

    If all that fails - you could try doing odd jobs, mowing lawns, fetching groceries, washing cars.

    I guess the main point is to be presentable, you may have bright hair, but if it's long tie it back, make it look neat. Wear smaller piercings when going for interviews and dress tidily. No-one's saying you have to lose you individuality, just look like you want a job, and you've made an effort.

    Hope that helps
    Susie :)
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    If a company has rules and regulations and a dress code you cant expect for them to change. If you are really needing a job why cant you remove your piercings for the day and then do something with your hair and when you go out use a temorary dye. It will be rare to find a company who will employ someone with many piercings etc. i think you just have to accept this and compromise :)

    Hope this helps

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