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jobs in Media

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Anyone got any good advice on getting a job in radio or tv other then looking at the Guardian, Broadcast, or some shitty website with out of date jobs that are only there for beurocratic reasons and will probably be taken internally anyway.

budding Soho media whore.


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    What specific area do you want to get into? Marketing/ PR, presenting, producing, behind the scenes?

    mediaguardian have joined up with production base to offer a fairly decent service for getting media jobs...if you are prepared to work hard for not much money then try for short-term runner jobs, which often lead to permanent work within the company, although it does mean you have to be a dogsbody for a while.

    If you can afford to, do some work experience (you won't get paid so only do this if you won't starve) - make sure you pick wisely and make the most of it though, otherwise you're wasting everyone's time, including your own.

    Your best bet really is to join a decent recruitment agency for that sector as media jobs are notoriously impenetrable.

    Guardian article on recruitment

    More sneaky ways of getting in include contacting someone influential in the industry and politely asking if you can buy them coffee in return for a couple of pointers (this has been known to work and land a job, but not always); making a few mates in the industry and going to their parties to network, in fact most of the best jobs get offered at these parties.

    That should get you started anyway - make sure your CV is fantastic...a trip to your nearest careers centre should sort that, and be well presented.

    Our careers section

    Susie :)
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    Many thanks for the advice.
    Ideally I am looking at presentation and production posts.
    I agree with your comments on experience, I volunteered hospital radio for quite a few years , as someone advised me when I was 13! well 9 years on and still not quite made it yet!
    Couldnt really afford to be arunner even if I wanted to be.
    the networking thing sort of works I agree. I have a few friends in broadcasting and production - and yes, the parties seem to be more like job fairs a few well sized wine glasses and its jobs a plenty - which makes it very difficult when you try to do it the 'normal' way ie sending CVs trawling websites and agencies. Are there any agencies which recruit specifically for radio or tv?

    will let you know how I get on :)
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