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anyone else out there suffering from the unbearable pressure of what to do next? i have just finished uni and while i'm ready to stop studying, i don't want to go back to the real world just yet. i don't want to end up in some crappy menial job while i decide either, but i won't really have any choice as i need to work to pay off all my debts. grrrrr. argh.


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    i'm kind of in a similar situation to you. i've just finished uni and moved back home to live with my parents. it's a bit of a culture shock! 3 years living the student life in a big city to living with my parents again in a village. not really sure what to do next, i hate the feeling of not knowing where you want to be or what you want to do. its a strange feeling, i kind of feel like i need more stability in my life, but then i realise how old that makes me sound! i have to keep reminding myself that i'm only 21 and there's still a long time to go yet!

    i feel the same as you in the way that i don't want to have to get a not too serious job while i decide what i really want to do, but then i also think that because i'm so young it probably doesn't really matter. think of all the years in the future that you'll probably be doing the same job for. i reckon we shouldnt rush things and maybe getting a not so serious job for a while will help us decide what we really want to do in the future!

    i am quite liking being at home though, its so clean!!

    have you moved back home?
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