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a friend of mine has herpes.when she had her first breakout, she went to a clinic an was told that it might never happen again. this was around november last year.since then she had another breakout in april. she has just found a hard little lump around the area which she says is probably another breakout.she has not had sex with her partner in 3weeks.what causes all these breakouts so often?she cant really go to a doctor so what can she do to help get rid of them, or at least so it doesn't cause her pain an she is able to carry on with normal life, ie her job instead of spending a week in bed which she cannot do.why do these things keep coming back when she was told that they dont come back that often?please help thanx


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    Herpes factcheet here

    It includes a helpline number for further info.
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    Why can't she go to a doctor? If she can get hold of some Acyclovir or something similar, she can relieve a lot of pain and discomfort during the breakouts.

    i was told, and have done my own research, and have different info.

    -you can have herpes your whole life and not know it (no outbreaks, only way to know is blood test)

    -you can pass it on without having intercourse ( i was a virgin)

    -you can have a first outbreak and never again ( it is a virus that lives in the spine in the dormant stage)

    -some people might have outbreaks every month...some once a year, some even more seldom.

    There really is no way to predict an outbreak. The books I read say that it is more likely to happen when a girl is on her period and stress is also a big factor.

    Extra: 1 in 4 women and 1 in 5 men carry herpes. It was the worst pain I had felt in my life(I had the first outbreak and haven't had one since, thank God). Protect yourself.
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