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Some kind of chronic fatigue?

I've been somewhat concerned I've had some form of chronic fatigue syndrome for a while now, my worries probably started about 9/10 months ago. I went to the doctors first around that time, complaining that I was always tired. At the time I had some other health issues going on so they pretty much ignored that complaint, the only doctor who did say anything about it said it would just be because I wasn't sleeping properly, so I just took that and was on my way. About a month later however, I was told I needed some blood tests due to the other health problem I had going on at the time, so I mentioned to the nurse then that I was also very tired, so she said the blood tests would show up any abnormalities or deficiencies causing it. Other than a slightly low immune system, the blood tests came back all clear. A few months ago I went to the doctors again to speak about how I often felt quite tired and I was prescribed sleeping tablets (despite not having any major issues with sleep).

Fast forward to now, I've been trying to just deal with it, but not a day goes by where I don't feel really tired and generally ill all day. As time goes on, I'm finding it harder to find the energy to do things. I'm getting between 7-9 hours of sleep a night, so I don't believe it's due to a lack of sleep. I try to stay active, I make sure I walk every day, do exercises, eat fairly well, and so on. I'm hesitant to go back to the doctors because I feel they just aren't going to listen and will probably either give me more sleeping tablets or tell me to sleep more (which isn't very helpful), so I'm really not sure what to do. I'm sure this isn't just regularly being tired, it just never seems to stop, and I don't know what's causing it!


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    Do you get any other symptoms other than fatigue? 

    You may have chronic fatigue syndrome(CFS): https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/chronic-fatigue-syndrome-cfs/

    Or it may be due to an underlying condition like mine is due to my endometriosis.

    Have you used the same doctor everytime?  If you know one who isn't as useless then go up and explain all symptoms and write them down and tell them you're no leaving till you get treatment or a diagnosis. Sounds a bit drastic. But it's the only way sometimes believe me. 

    We're all here for you <3

    🌈Positive thoughts🌈

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    How are you feeling in yourself mentally? As mental state can literally be exhausting too. Stress, anxiety, low mood ect. 

    I hear what youre saying.
    Being tired all the time is horrible though and that can add to stress and then get more tired.

    Sorry im not very helpful

    But please take care & maybe change doctors if feel not being heard
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    Hello, Welcome to the Mix :) 

    I wonder, do you enjoy the things you do each day, perhaps a lack of motivation is causing you to feel tired. Or even what you eat, you mentioned having a healthy diet but theres no harm in looking into the things you are eating and seeing if you could improve. 

    When I keep waking up tired I move my bed to another place in the room, this helps for a while. sometimes it can also be when you wake up, do you use an alarm or wake up naturally? On your next day off try to get out of bed whenever you naturally wake up, as snoozing can often lead to people feeling tired but walking up naturally is like your bodies way of telling you that its ready for a new day.

    You could even look into sleep cycles if you think there might be some issue there, or volunteer at a sleep lab. Sleep labs can usually be found at universities with nursing courses, if you ask or look online you might be able to take part in some sleeping tests where they will monitor brain activity. If you managed to do this then they would be able to tell you if your mind has difficulty sleeping or if its something else.

    How about taking up a sport like Yoga? Ive read it can be very relaxing and lead to people having more energy, exercise is good for helping you sleep but some work outs help build stamina and others build muscle tone. You could look into ones that help with stamina so that you can work for longer without the feeling of tiredness looming over you. I hope some of this can help :) 

    Strangely enough, even if its 6am, when I wake up to the sunrise and get out of bed I find I have more energy that if I hit snooze and stay in bed another few hours. Perhaps you could try this too? 

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    Hey and welcome!

    There's not much I can add that nobody else hasn't said, but I'll reiterate that tiredness can still be mental and feel just as real as a bad nights' sleep.

    A lot of my own issues with tiredness is due to weight and my inactivity- being active tires me out so much, but as I continue increasing my activity the less tired I get overall (and also the more weight I lose).

    Hope something someone's written here helps, take care (:
    but idk tho
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