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Hi everyone!

TL;DR: work wants me to act potentially unlawfully in my job, I can't confront work about it, and will struggle to find another job

I recently got a job working as a steward at football matches at a local club. It definitely wasn't a job I wanted, I'm not confrontational at all, hate being trapped within mammoth crowds, standing still for hours damages my knees as I'm overweight, and football bores me- but it's a job, right?

I was misinformed in the advert and the interview that stewarding would be acting basically as customer service- helping people to seats, working in ticket sales etc. but it seems we're actually underpaid, unqualified security guards. At the one shift I have worked so far, I had to see people's ID and 'eject' them if they didn't consent. Work can also extend to searching and ejecting people who film the outside of the stadium because it looks suspicious.

I've learned since that only police can see ID without consent (and even then only in certain circumstances) and again only police are allowed to remove people from property, otherwise I'd be committing assault. In regards to people outside filming, we have no legal right to search them -as the company briefs us to, and filming in a public space is perfectly legal. This is my current understanding anyway, I'm definitely not a lawyer.

I don't want to be potentially violating the rights of law abiding folk, and I can't afford to fight legal battles or pay fines. I only took the minimum wage, zero hours contract job that I hate for the money in the first place- I can't afford to lose any as I'm barely surviving as it is and money in the bank has never been outside double digits.

Reason tells me that confronting the company will leave me in a constant cycle of 'sorry, there's no work available right now' emails in lieu of them not being able to legally make me redundant for it. I'd struggle to find another job as I only have GCSEs, and can't work long hours or spend every day amongst loads of people or I'll just lose it. The shifts at my current job are 4 hours, and barely every week, so as difficult as I still find it, I am dealing with it okay.

I wouldn't have the financial support of my parents for this spell of joblessness either; my mum truly believes I'm using my problems with my job as an excuse to get out of doing work, and I know I'll struggle to find a job with short hours, that isn't another heartless zero hours contract.

I'd really appreciate some advice, especially in regards to what the law says I can do in my current job, and how people have found and gotten jobs before with little to no experience and just GCSEs.

Many thanks everyone!
Aidan (:

but idk tho


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    Hey @Aiden, you can get a solicitor's advice free for 30 minutes and I advise you to hop along to the nearest. I did read all and it looks a sticky mess. (and who likes fooytball anyway? My Dog! :joy: _

    And contact Citizen's Advice  https://www.citizensadvice.org.uk/

    Sorry I can't help you more. But good luck matey.. :)

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    Hi Aidan, 
    As well as calling a solicitor like Floxy said you could also read over your jobs contract as it might mention something about your work and the law. 

    It is true that only Police Officers can stop and search people and only under strict conditions, but if you are working in a stadium then there might be some by-laws created by the local council that allow you to turn people away who do not have ID and request people stop filming. Its also a case of consent, if someone refuses to open their bag then you can refuse entry due to them not following the rules and potentially attempting to bring something dangerous into the stadium. It happens at museums, if someone willingly shows you the inside of their bag then you haven't broken the law as they have consented and opened the bag for you.

    As an example of a By-Law like those above, its illegal to smoke on the London Underground. This law wasn't passed through the house of lords and house of commons, where laws are usually passed, but by the mayor and council London. (It may have gone through the official channels later but it was illegal to smoke in the underground as soon as the by-law had passed) By-Laws exist because the house of commons and house of lords would be incredibly busy if they had to deal with every county's or city's problems. 

    Another thing to note is 'ejecting' people, sternly telling someone they are breaking the rules or that you will have to call the police if they continue to break the rules is not illegal. If you tried to forcefully push or shout at them to leave then this might be classed as abuse but as long as you warned them first and as long as no one got hurt then you aren't going to be arrested. You are just performing the job you have been hired to do in order to keep the general public safe.

    A solicitor should be able to tell you if there are by-laws concerning your work place that are set up to provide security to the people going there :) I only studied UK Police Law for a year so I don't know all the details but asking the council or citizens advice should help you more :)

    Let us know how it goes :) 
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    Hi Aiden sorry to hear about whats going on. It can be very hard when your job entails more than you were originally told. Have you been given a contact yet and this should contain your key roles and responsibilities. I do know at events you can be serched and ID’d as a security percortion especcialy with all the terrorist offencies happening lately however you are right in saying that this is supposed to be a security job.

    you have a right to request a copy of contact but like it has been suggested I would recommend you talking to someone with more legal advice hope you’re ok
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    Thank you everyone for all the replies! 

    I think what I'll do is I'll email the office asking for a copy of my contract (it'd help if I knew what my job actually was :joy: ), and luckily I shan't be needing a solicitor for legal advice (yet, anyway) as I've found the relevant laws and advice online. But thank you for bringing it up either way, it's definitely still very important!

    Perhaps most of my worries of getting it wrong and messing up just stem from having a new job- my first job- as well as remnants of the anxiety I once had. I should be okay though, I'll be with a supervisor or someone experienced for the next few shifts and I'll make sure to ask them a load of questions without irritating them too much : p

    As for money, I've opened a new savings account and remembered about a load of savings I had that I completely overlooked * facepalms *

    Thanks for the help guys, and I hope you're all doing well!

    Aidan (:

    but idk tho
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