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What happeneds if the nhs goes bankrupt

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So the election is tomorrow and to be honest I don't fully understand politics or who's doing what. I've always been taught that labour is for the working class family. So it's always seemed to be the best option and from what I've heard from Treaser May. I'm definitely voting labour again as I don't agree with things she has said.

But anyway each year the NHS struggles more and more and I'm worried about what will happen should the NHS go bankrupt. If we have to start paying for health care there are going to be a lot of people who won't go to the hospital or doctors when ill as they can't afford it.

I was reading an article the other day about having children in the USA and it is so expensive to ensure the baby is developing right, to have all the checks and in the end give birth. I can't remember the amount but it was thousands! Just to have a baby. What about cancer treatments and life saving tests. Theses could also cost hundreds in the end. But like many people who has the extra £100 lying around?? I don't. I'm not saying it will happen but what if it does? How do we adapt?


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    I'm worried about this. And this is why I'd vote labour if I could vote.

    I read something about what would have happened to the families of the Manchester attack victims, if it had happened in the US (with private healthcare). Medical costs would have easily reached tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands for some. And this would have to be paid, regardless of whether the person survived or not. Imagine the pain of losing someone you love, and then having to sell your house and all of your belongings to pay the NHS for keeping them alive for a few more hours.

    I never really trust politicians to keep their word, but labour better. Because they've had the boldest and best ideas I've heard from a party in my lifetime. I just hope that the promised £30bn from labour is enough to save the NHS, seeing as the conservatives would only give the NHS 1/3 as much.
    but idk tho
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    Thanks for replying Aidan I voted Labour today. It's true what you say they all break promises but we just have to hope that they are going to do their beat for us. If the NHS became private then I'd struggle. I'm young and while I'm thinking about moving out I can't afford it yet. But imagine I move out and manage to scrape by but have a horrible accident and can't afford the treatment needed? Or I pay for the treatment but left with nothing. I like all of us rely on the NHS. I wouldn't have had my diagnosis of epilepsy if I had to pay thousands for the tests.

    I'll be honest if it means keeping the NHS I don't mind paying that little extra tax if needed.

    We can't keep lying to ourselves Britain is struggling to keep the NHS going as it is. And while I'm not racist at all and like to help others, it time we asked ourselves "can we really afford to keep send all this money to other countries?" As I say I'm all for helping others but we need to look out for ourselves first.

    How much longer till you can vote?
  • AidanAidan Clever idiot Posts: 3,027 Boards Guru
    As long as their are still sick and homeless and impoverished people in this country, I don't think we should be sending tax money abroad. Charity money, of course, but not tax money.

    I can vote in the next general election! Hopefully. I turn 18 in september.

    I hve no idea how much my psychiatric help would cost if the NHS was privatized. Chances are I couldn't afford it. Even if I could, I'd be mentally in a worse place for it. We need our healthcare. It's a basic beed. I'm pretty sure it's a human right too. Is it humane to deny the poorer (majority of) people potentially life-saving treatment? Of course not.
    but idk tho
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    Sorry I haven't replied sorry to hear about your medical problems evie. Not sure what will happen now it's gone to hung parliament
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