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AidanAidan Clever idiotPosts: 1,228 Fanatical Poster
Just a little something I wanted to say about the attack on Manchester.

This was not an attack by any race or religion. This was an attack on humanity by monsters. We will not give in to hate. We won't give them what they want. We're stronger than them.

There is no bad religion, just bad people.

Some of those killed were children. That's barbaric. Innocent children who've done nothing to anybody.

I'm thankful for the lives of everyone who has survived.
I hope all of those injured, for their families' sake too, a swift recovery, and I hope they can all make it. They're so brave.
I'm so sorry to everyone with family or friends who lost their lives. It isn't fair. May they rest in peace.
I hope those who are missing are still alive, ans thst they are reunited with their families quickly.

Please, don't be insulted because I'm trying to carry on like nothing has happened. I'm just trying to show these monsters can't win.

Feel free to post your own messages.


  • ShaunieShaunie England 🏠Posts: 5,810 The Mix Elder
    This is awful and so upsetting : ' (

    What has this world come to :(
    I've learnt two people can look at the exact same thing and see something completly different. 
  • LostsenseLostsense Posts: 1,331 Fanatical Poster
    Thats a lovely message Aidan!
  • independent_independent_ Boards Baby ScotlandPosts: 1,213 Fanatical Poster
    Aidan, what a lovely message. I'm not into politics, so glad I found this lovely message of yours not focused on religion and stuff.

    I agree with you so much! I hope everyone with injuries recovers quickly and those who are missing are traced ASAP!!

    My thoughts go out to any and all who have been affected.
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