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New job and perternity leave

Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,324 The Mix Honorary Guru
To start off hello, im new to here and require a little help if anyone could, my girlfriend has just given birth to a beautiful baby boy was born sunday afternoon, i have been at my new job for two months now, so i know im not entitled to any leave, but have had two days off, now i dont know if id be allowed to finish the week off at home, or must i go back, we finish thursday for xmas too.


  • **helen****helen** Mod malarkist Posts: 9,235 Listening Ear
    Hey deejay,

    Welcome! :)

    Firstly, congrats on the birth of a beautiful baby boy - you sound really proud.

    It can be hard when you don't have official leave, but good to hear you've been granted a couple of days off. In terms of completing the week at home, that really would be at the discretion of your manager - so you'd need to ask them. Is it somewhere you can easily do the work from home? One approach could be to clarify what work you need to get done and then ask if that's possible to do from home?

    Having said that - I get the impression you might have meant in relation to today - so hope you've got the situation sorted now - happy to offer some further help if needs be...
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