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Educating the East End

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Has anybody been watching this show?

I've found it really interesting and revealing, the students are a proper mixed bag and have some fascinating stories - it really shows the whole picture of what's going on in some student's lives and how that might relate to difficulties at school.

Last night's episode I found particularly interesting. They focused on three young lads - one in year 7 who was struggling to make friends, another in year 7 who it had transpired was a young carer, and finally a year 11 who was a real high achiever but was suffering from panic attacks as exams got closer.

For the year 11, Charlie, he would do all the techniques to help him manage his panic attacks (breathing in through your nose out through your mouth) and would step out of lesson when he felt it coming on. It seemed like the school had a great understanding of doing what was right for Charlie and he had been quite open about his panic attacks with his friends as well.

Did any of you guys watch it? Anybody relate to Charlie and what he was going through at school? Were you impressed by how he dealt with it? What dya think?


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    I watch this.

    At sixth form I began to really struggle with keeping up with work/exams on top of what was going on personally. I started to suffer with panic attacks and really bad anxiety especially when it came to exams to the point where I wasn't at all bothering to even attempt turning up. Other teachers knew I was close to my art teacher so got her involved and she basically had to escort me everywhere. She wouldn't force me, she had a way of being able to really calm me down and then after a chat she would walk me into my exam room or wherever, in my own time.

    I think Charlie certainly handled the situation very well. He always at least tried and I was so impressed with him at the end, he's going to be such an inspiration for others similar to him.

    I'm really impressed with how the teachers handle things there too, it seems they have a very clear understanding on a lot of various issues that young people face and I think it's a very good school.
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    I love educating the east end, think it's a great incite to school life.

    Charlie is amazing. How he dealt with the panic attacks by doing simple breathing exercises just before going in to lessons is great. Although it was clear how difficult it was for him, he had the control to a certain degree and toward the end of the show, he started realizing that.

    It was also amazing that he managed to get up on stage with his friends, despite him being really nervous about it. Shows pure strength.

    That little lad in year seven that didn't have many friends was just the cutest. And I honestly got a bit teary at the end when they said he'd made friends. Good for him. Bless him

    Love the show!!

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