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Family stressing me out!

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Its long

I don't know where to put this as it mixed

Famliey: a
I have one shit nasty famliey which we getting called widos. I sick to do death of my famliey caursing a lot shit. I have my brother moving forward in with us next week and hejust walks in my room eevery time he knows the rule not to just walk in into my room he got to knock I like my space and quite time. He's a truble maker. Goes round threating people. I will was tag on Facebook to meet my mates up in and they been a big mixed up and he commeted on there and caursing trouble I told my mum what he be en putting and said that he dosnt know them or nothing I put on Facebook page gnour the f*c*king idiot. Every time somwthing happens here he says that he going to tell.

My dad like my dad do jack shit he doesn't even care. My mum and her parnter knows I dont get on with my brother and don't care about how i t going to affected me. He got dhd something along that lines and he's a handful and I cont cope he just comes here to cause shit and to about me bit they don't see that side of it I just get it back in my face and saying he's best of with us. Fed up with my mum and her partner doing my head in aguring all the time. Everyone slaving my dad off all because they don't like him OK he wasn't a good dad and still partly not but has been en doing thing for me and they dont see that side of anything he had been doing for me.

Everyone come s to me when someone doing there heardin my brother does it and my sister does wh n sh comes down. My dad I'll I am so worried about him. Everyone says u should fick hi. Off and I am better off with out him. My mum is the same I had a arugerment with my sister last night phonoling me at stubid aclock last night. Beayse she couldn't get hold of m mum. I text her to stop phoning me because she wen to her boyfriend mum wedding I wasnt intresed told her that and started to send me nasty messages told my mum and she didn't care that she was sending me them. I cont turn my phone off as I ha ong problems with it at the moment.

Noone realises that I am really I'll and I cont cope with stressed and I'll get more I'll and I never will get better and don't think by stressing me out make me more I'll I won't do that nothing like that. I really give up with .y life I cont live no more. I co.e to live with myum as I am really I'll and I cont cope with my illness. Oh ye and I am a teaching seaking when I am I'll I need loss of help. Errrrr really cont go threw this no more really cont just want to die or curl in the cornor and and cry

Sorry its really long


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    Hi Heather,

    Reading this thread it sounds like it's a relationships issue as the stress you're under right now is all caused by difficult family relationships. If I've understood correctly, you're struggling with the fact your brother is coming to live with you, is that right?

    You're also stressed out about what people are saying about your family and some conversations that have happened on Facebook.

    As well as that, you feel your family come to you all the time and then don't communicate with you in a kind and caring way - and perhaps take you for granted? (You say they always come to you when someone's doing their head in) This is understandably upsetting you. In some ways it shows that they trust you and believe you are a good support for them, could that be a positive thing in some ways? But on the other hand it's important you have ways to keep your strength up - what nice things are you doing to take care of yourself at the moment?

    All of this combined is getting you down and so I'm glad you've felt able to post.

    Just want to say we really believe in you here - we know that you have a lot going on, but you also have a great strength of character and have pulled through difficult times before and we think you can do it again. :yes:

    I get the impression that things with your mum are generally quite good, even though you have your ups and downs and are feeling right now that her and her partner don't care. Do you think you might be able to sit down with her and have a chat about your brother to identify ways to deal with having him around? If you do this in a calm and mature way letting her know that you just want things to be calmer in the house, do you think there's a chance she'll listen?

    You might also find it helpful to check out the link to our expert chat on family problems to pick up some tips on how to handle things.
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    Helen it never happen really trust me and I not or will get threw I having really strong feelings
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    Hi Heather,

    It sounds as though you might have a hard time talking to your family about this as they are a big part of how you're feeling. If it's making you ill though, it's important that you do speak with someone.

    Could you perhaps speak with your doctor about what you're going through? They might be able to help you if you're ill, and they might be able to put you in touch with someone to talk about what you're going through at home.

    Let us know how you're doing. We're all here to chat and to help you as much as we can :)
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    I have but I wont happen
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    Hi Heather,

    Have you considered speaking with a close friend who might be able to be offer some advice? They might even just be able to listen which might help you feel better. That's what friends are there for :)
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