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No Support Chat tonight (Thurs 25th)

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Hello :wave:

The chat room will be in use tonight for the positive thinking session so there won't be a support chat this evening.

We'd hoped to run both but due to illness we're not able to.

So - instead, if you're looking for support tonight don't forget you can post your own thread about anything that's on your mind or feel free to use this thread if you just wanted to have a natter and see who's online later :yes:

Support chat back as normal on Sunday at 7pm.

Cheers folks :)


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    meggles wrote: »

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    Sorry about that megs, just not always enough mods to do everything but we're in the process of recruiting more so in the future this shouldn't be an issue.

    In terms of tonight though, you're welcome to join the positive thinking chat if you'd like to, we still have a spare space? Could be a nice distraction? Drop me a PM if you fancy it.

    If not then it's a nice chance to have a go at posting on the boards, there will probably be a few other chat regulars online happy to reply and help you out :)

    Or, perhaps you could think of another way to spend your evening, doing something creative maybe? :chin:

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    Is there any spaces left for the chat tonight? I understand if there isnt no worries if not. :)

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