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TheSite's good manners guide

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Wildchild and some of the other regulars have put together a guide for new users, so a big thank you to them.

TheSite.org bulletin board good manners guide

Here are some 'unwritten rules' by members of TheSite which you may like to bear in mind when posting on the boards. Members are welcome to post their opinions, providing they?re abiding by the agreement they signed up to (see the bottom of this post for a reminder!) and as long as they accept that there could be a negative reaction to it. This guide is simply to let new members know what good manners are and make it easier to be accepted as part of the community.

Introducing yourself

Welcome to The Site, it's a cool place with cool people. Why don't you stay a while? - Calvin

Some posters like to introduce themselves once they have registered at The Site. If you would like to, use the introduce yourself forum but don't give out phone numbers or your home address.

Other posters prefer to remain anonymous which is fine. However, if you are thinking of posting a more personal question (where people would need to draw on their own personal experiences in order to answer) rather than a topic for general discussion, it's polite to give a little information about yourself or why you want to know, so that people will feel more comfortable replying.

New and old posts

dude. post. dead. Turtle

It's a good idea to check the date that an old thread was started or was most recently added to. As a general rule, anything over a couple of months old can be considered ?dead? and is best being left in its grave. Old threads are left as a reference point ? if you are reading them and find something interesting you would like to discuss, you could start a new thread about it.

Three reasons for this:
1) if the thread is asking for advice, any help will be useless after a certain length of time because the problem will have been dealt with.
2) older posters get frustrated because they saw the thread the first time round, and have to read through it again to check they haven?t replied before and that they aren?t repeating another poster?s comment.
3) newer posters get confused by all the old and ex posters who originally replied to the thread.

Before you start a new thread on anything, check previous pages on the board to make sure nobody has posted a similar question recently. It is possible that the answer to your question is already there, and you won?t need to make a new post. People are willing to give advice but will obviously be annoyed if no-one else bothers to read it and they have to give up their time answering the same question for another poster. It is also pointless for a poster to repeat their question or topic by starting a new thread.

Make yourself at home

Posters are on the whole very friendly and will be happy to help. They only get annoyed when the same points of etiquette repeatedly are ignored (for example, at TheSite general netiquette such as not writing in block capitals applies, AS IT IS HARDER TO READ AND GIVES THE EFFECT OF SHOUTING), or when a poster is rude, abusive and arrogant ? remember that other people have a right to air their views too, even if they disagree with yours. Finally, please do not use the Sex and Relationships boards to try to pick people up, there are plenty of other sites you can use for that purpose instead.


Due to several people posting HUGE signatures recently we've had to add an extra guideline here, so listen up...
Please keep pictures in your signature under 20k, if you exceed this or use a signature that we deem offensive or just plain annoying the mods have every right to modify it if you refuse to do so yourselves. If you continue to use inappropriate sigs we will have to remove them and lock your profile. Sorry.

Ah there is one more thing...

Text talk

There are reasons why text talk isn't the greatest way to communicate on these boards:
1. There is no word limit, so you don't need to shorten words, although the odd u and 2 are allowed
2. It may be faster for you to type, but it takes much longer to read, and the lack of punctuation also makes your posts hard to decipher. It puts people off responding.
3. Text talk makes you look stupid and illiterate, sad but true. Board users will also assume that if you can't be bothered to write properly, why should they bother to try and help you.
4. The search - if you write normally, the key words will be picked up when doing a search, helping you and others. One of the main reasons for our search not being as good as it could be is the use of text talk.

OK lecture over...enjoy your time at The Site, and if in doubt about anything, ask.

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TheSite's official rules:

Registration to our Discussion Boards is free but we do insist that you abide by the rules and policies detailed below. If you agree to the terms, please press the Agree button at the end of the page.

Although the administrators and moderators of TheSite.org boards will attempt to keep all objectionable messages off this forum, we cannot guarantee to review all messages. All messages express the views of the author, and neither the owners of TheSite.org boards or Jelsoft Enterprises Limited (developers of vBulletin) will be held responsible for the content of any message.

By clicking the Agree button, you warrant that you have read and will abide by the following rules:

1. Harassing, threatening, abusive, vulgar, obscene, defamatory, racist or otherwise unlawful posts are not permitted.

2. The owners of TheSite.org boards have the right to remove, edit, move or close any threads or posts for any reason and without notice.

3. Using these boards to post spam (unsolicited advertising) is not permitted.

4. Links to inappropriate websites (hateful, defamatory or illegal) are not permitted.

5. If you intend to post a message asking for help from users on projects, surveys or if you are a member of the press looking for people to contribute to articles or stories you must first obtain permission by contacting TheSite.org staff.

6. Quotes from other sources or sites must also include the URLs of where you found them.

7. Anonymity is important on TheSite.org. If you know who someone is offline, or engage with them on other websites, keep their identity to yourself. There is also no need to mention users? online activity away from TheSite.org.

8. You will respect the opinions of others. Just because you don?t agree, it doesn?t give you the right to make personal attacks on that person.

We will ban people who continually refuse to work within these rules.
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