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Crowdfunding my wheelchair but issues and worries

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I've spent the whole of Friday and today calling charities/trusts/funds etc and not had much luck with finding funding for a wheelchair - some charities have said they can fund some money but I would still need to find the rest (a substancial amount).

Backstory -
Last week when walking Riotdog the brakes on my hired (from a friend) wheelchair failed and I and the chair ended up in a ditch. As a result, the chassis has snapped, unfixable and there for a write off.

I'm back to square one again as I was last year but in a worse situation because my condition has deteriated and what I'm needing as a result is more expencive (as is always the case with mobility issues)! I need to go for something thats new because I have spent so much money on secondhand mobility items over the past few years only for them to breakdown beyond repair a few months later. At least with new items they can be insured and covered under warranty. I have also gone back to my local NHS Wheelchair services and had the same issue - i can still make a few steps, despite being in much pain all the time, but I am still not entitled to anything more than I currently have (which is very unsuitable for me and very uncomfortable).

MrRiot has very very kindly said he'll so a fundraising bike ride for me (and he works for a multinational and in a very large office so hopefully will get a few people sponsoring him), and MamaRiot has suggested that use crowdfunder. I know people who have funded all kinds of things (wheelchairs included) on similar sites, but I have one major issue - I can't reveal which town I live in. As I have stated in other threads, I'm the main witness in an ongoing police case which may go to court. The defendent has a history of stalking and has found me in the past (but not for the past 10 years or so). He has been told that if he tries to contact me (directly or indirectly) he will be charged with witness intimidation. The case officer thinks its unlikely he will come looking for me, but it does play on my mind. I would need to put up a video, which doesn't have to have any identifying of the place in it, and its possible I could put up a different postcode (for a different town) for the crowdfunding page, but I'm wondering if its still too risky or actually a good idea? And if it is a good idea, what do I write, what do I put in the video?


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    Hey Miss R :wave:

    I am really sorry you had a bit of a tumble - I hope you're okay and not injured too badly from this?

    I totally know what you mean with pre-loved mobility items...they're great and help for a very short amount of time however; long term they're just not practical if they do last at all. You defo need something more long term and more stable. I'm sorry it's such a struggle, you're really not on your own. I've had the same issues and continue to battle for what I actually need.

    I was going to suggest the wheelchair service, but it seems like you've had no success with them? It sure does sound like you've tried everything and are continuing to thoroughly try everything. I wish it wasn't such a battle though, life eh!

    I'm so glad you've got some supportive people around you who are willing to go that extra mile for you. I have sponsored a few little kids needing specialist wheelchairs through friends and friends of friends etc on Facebook etc...i've not known any of them, so it's surprising how many generous people are out there :)

    Sorry to hear about the court case stuff making the process a little more tricky. I've not ever heard of crowdfunder etc and so i'm not much use regarding the video stuff but from what i've read, I think you have to do what you feel most comfortable with. At the end of the day, this is something quite important and if you're not going to feel at ease then it's not going to be worth it. Could you maybe put a postcode of a friends address who wouldn't mind you using their address? It sounds like the rest can be quite anonymous which is ideal for you in your given situation?

    If it were me, I guess i'd give it a go anyway. What have you got to loose? Ticking all the boxes is defo worth it. Some things you could cover in the video:

    - your condition/s and the effects it has on you (it doesn't have to sound like a sob story but has to draw people in!)
    - what you are needing funding for
    - what you've done so far to find funding
    - why it is you're doing the video (to fund a new chair)
    - the benefits this chair would have on your life

    These are just a few things I can think of but like i've said i'm not really sure so these are just initial ideas. I'm not a professional by any means, just trying to give you basic ideas :)

    I hope this makes sense, let us know how you get on.

    Take Care, Rach *hug*
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