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other ppl 3 years behind...

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the others in my AS-level performing arts (music) class are almost three years behind me. I am the only person in the whole group to have studied GCSE music, I also restarted the year in Sept. It really annoys me when the teacher has to explain things to the class. I know three years is a big gap but most of them have done some sort of music related thing since they last had a music lesson 2 years ago.
I kno that most of u r going to reply just be pacient but its harder said than done. The teacher aint the best in the world and well the others in the class dont exactly give him the best respect in the world. The teacher wouldn't even say "Boo" to a goose thats how bad his controll is (even though he is a deputy head).

That feels so much better now i've got that off my chest!


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    i can sympathise.

    i did my a levels last year, was the last yeargroup with the old system. i didnt get the grades i was hoping for, and although i could have gone to a different university, i had my heart set on cardiff, which unfortunately demanded higher grades than i had. i'd changed my choice of degree and while they would accept me for biochemistry, they wouldn't for psychology, when i tried to go through clearing.

    so anyway, i decided to wait for a year to sort my head out a bit (ha, i'll get round to that sooner or later), and earn some money, which is going well, £2k saved. and to bring my grades up a bit, i decided to do an A level in psychology. as in, doing AS and A2 simultaneously.

    i'm 19, in year 14 technically, and i'm with a load of year 12 students, who are 16 and 17. this isn't fun. the difference in our ages is far too apparent when the teacher is trying to explain something, and i just GET it, and the others ask really odd questions. it frustrates me a lot. and if i miss a lesson for whatever reason, i overestimate how much work will be done and end up being waaay ahead. i got into the habit of missing days for the smallest reasons, and then enjoying the challenge of catching up. i managed to catch up with a month's work in just 2 free lessons.

    now i'm having an extended break just to make me REALLY work hard when i go back. no, not really, other reasons i havent been in.

    but yeah, just to say i sympathise really, and it kinda sucks.
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    does ne1 else have anything else to add
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    Right as u've gessed i'm the only musician in my class.
    We're studying the Beatles album Sgt Pepper.
    I know there are some weird and wonderful songs on there but i get fed up with my class mates saying
    "oh sir turn it of its crap!"
    "how did they get away with this!"
    "OMG what is going on with these lyrics!"

    "Just listern to the bloody song!!!!!!"

    Sorry about this i just need to rant about it
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