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poor students, poor grades

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OK this is old news really but I thought it might get you talking:
"Students from poor families are seeing their studies suffer as they are forced to work during term time to make ends meet."

More here: http://www.ananova.com/news/story/sm_420867.html?menu=news.surveys

Are you in this situation? What do you think should be done to solve this problem?

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    yeah, our teachers/lecturers were all like "you shouldn't work during your studies". But I had to if I wanted to eat. Besides, I don't like sponging off my parents. I've had a part time job since I was 16, as it should be. I tried not to let it interfere with study (for example, I gave up working in a pub for an office job in final year cos the late nights were getting too much, in at 4am, up at 7am!!).

    Personally, I think I got more out of uni with a part time job and moving out of home. I look at freinds who lived at home and had no job, and they just don't have the same sense of independence and control. I do my own washing, shopping, cleaning. I get myself up in the morning, manage my own time and make my own dinner. I do all this on my own budget, planning all the finances: rent, phone, oil clothes, drink...etc. I think I'm better off, even if I didn't have to work I still think I would anyway. I like having my own money. Besides, I'm better prepared for the real world now I've graduated. I got good grades despite working and a bought of depression.

    I know its getting harder and harder to make ends meet if mummy & daddy aren't replenishing the bank account every week, there were hard times. One week I actually took the sofa apart to find changed and lived off the box of eggs and loaf of bread I managed to afford from what i found! seriously, I haven't been able to face scrambled eggs on toast since. But persevere, whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger apparently!
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