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Study playlists! Competition

**helen****helen** Mod malarkistPosts: 9,235 Listening Ear
Do you find music a help or a hindrance when you've got your head in the books?

I guess some of you may find it really motivating, and for others perhaps listening to music is something you do in your breaks. :chin:

Either way, I'm sure music has a place in revision weeks.


So, we're inviting you to submit your playlists whether they be - 'Yes I've finished an exam' tunes or 'Some music to motivate me' tunes.

We recently discovered 8tracks which has thousands of study playlists you might want to explore - and you may even want to use the app to make your own mix to link back to here: http://8tracks.com/explore/study

Alternatively you could use Spotify, Grooveshark or other similar playlists site.

Just submit your link with a bit of an explanation. :thumb:

One of the prizes is this giant Bananagrams set...



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