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Self harm

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Hi, don't know if to post it here or not.

I've been self harming for a couple of years. And tried so hard to stop. I've jus relapsed after 2 months of not cutting. The longest I've ever gone. And I just feel like the biggest failure ever.

I just don't know how to stop, and once I start up again, it takes me weeks to finally find the control to get it back under control again :(

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  • AuroraAurora Part of the furniture Posts: 11,720 An Original Mixlorian
    Hey there Bubbles,

    I'm glad you were able to post and open up a bit about what's been going on, you've taken quite a positive step. Relapses are often part of recovery, nobody can ultimately take themselves from a coping behaviour, and often it does seem like the only option in a moment, and many people have them during their recovering journey. How every blaming yourself, isn't going to help, rather make you feel worst. Have you considered rewarding yourself positively? As you've gone two months without self harming, which is amazing, for anyone. However, without things going wrong every now and then, were at a halt where life doesn't really get us anything.

    However the short time you've been a member here, you've shown an amazing amount of strength. By the support you offer others, and how you've been able to reach out for support to. This isn't something you have to go through alone. Have you looked in to alternative coping tips and distractions you could use, when you feel the urge to self harm? Often when one coping strategy doesn't work, it's about just keeping on going, and trying another one. Look into things that have helped in the past to, for example drawing, etc. TheSite.org have a fab article on coping tips and distractions that you could check out to!

    Do you currently get any support with controlling your self harm, or have you in the past, had support? Often when we do start up again, it can be difficult knowing how to regain control over something that has helped, but it's really about taking the little steps first, and using the support you have around you to keep going! You've proved to yourself you can do it, so I have no doubt you can't do it again! :)

    Look after yourself, and do keep us updated :heart:

    Best wishes,
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    Hello WhispersOfTheHeart.

    Thank you for the reply. I've tried a few distractions but none have managed to work yet.

    I used to have support 3 years ago but haven't had any since then. I've been told that it will "just pass" and been left on my own.

    I have an appointment soon with the adult mental health team. Not looking forward to that cos I've been told that I shouldn't be in the mh team and that everything that goes on will, "just pass" but it hasn't, it's not gotten worst.

    Thank you for the links, I will have a look at them.

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  • BubblesGoesBooBubblesGoesBoo Sunny ScotlandPosts: 3,535 Community Veteran
    I'm sorry you're having to deal with this :( Have you tried the butterfly project? It helped me for a wee bit :) So did going to the gym or just general exercise as a distraction :) If you feel you need the help then let them know, they can't expect you to deal with everything on your own
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    Yeah it doesn't seem to help. My friend said to imagine my arm being hers. And I wouldn't cut hers. It worked for a while then didn't.

    They always expect me to get on with it. I went years not accepting support now I want support every professional is pushing me away

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    Well done for posting :)


    Well done for posting this. Sorry u feel like self-harming myself. . I know how it feel him I o threw everyday 24/7

    Doing things u enjoy doing to help u and stop u from doing things. I find Liston to music helps me Lods.

    Here Helplines that with help u*



    Have u seen ur gp and spoken to them about ur self-harming. It's good Ur tryin to stop doing it :)

    Keep postin
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    Hi bubbleblue :wave:

    Welcome to the boards. I am sorry to hear you are struggling and that you are trying to get the help that you need, it sounds like you are hitting a brick wall at the mo with trying to get the right support *hug*

    I have noticed you said you have an appt with the mental health team, have you had your appointment yet or is it coming up?

    I have seen that bubbleyheather has given you some links from thesite but you may want to check this link out too called TESS: http://www.selfinjurysupport.org.uk/tess-text-and-email-support-service - they offer email and text advice around self harm so might be worth giving it a go when you feel an urge.

    Let us know how you get on with your appointment :heart:

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