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What to pack before leaving home

*Holly**Holly* ModeratorPosts: 140 Settling in
Hello everyone

I was hoping to use your collective wisdom for an article the editorial team are writing for TheSite?

We're in the process of re-vamping all our homelessness and housing content and one of the new articles is a 'what to pack' checklist. It's just going to be a very practical piece - listing the stuff you'll probably need before you leave home that you don't think to take with you.

We've got homelessness charities to detail the legal stuff that's useful to take with you. I.e. passport, ID etc. But what about the other stuff? Toothbrush? Photos? Knickers?

Has anyone been in the situation where they've left in a hurry, and wish they'd taken 'so-and-so' with them? Do please share and I'll add it to the article.

Thanks guys



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    Hey holly,

    Definitely photos and toothbrush is a good one. When I had moved out I had to keep going back for things like books, my art materials, different shoes as I only took the pair I had on!

    Good luck with it, not that you guys need it, all articles are great :)
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    Yes want to run away for good :( hate my life

    I would take a my phone that's it noting eles I sevive with my phone
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    Also, probably a weird suggestion, but I have a certain cup I drink out of when I have a cup of tea, which I forgot.
  • AuroraAurora Part of the furniture Posts: 11,720 An Original Mixlorian
    I've never been in that position, but I've had thoughts when I was A LOT younger about it, and I would go through what I would need,

    - Phone, to make calls if needed (If you did want to go back home) - You can charge it in places like McDonalds to. (If you're on contract that should be fine) - If I was to go for it, would likely cut of contract, and use pay as you go, as it would be cheaper.
    - Take an extra pair of clothing, you can change in to, something casual, and comfortable, but also something that would keep you warm, when leaving taking water proofs, because British weather is dreadful! Comfortable shoes without doubt!
    - Hygiene is important, - You would need to take things that would keep you sanitary.
    - Money, which is key, and what is also vital, aim to take enough for a week worth of meals, avoid spending it on junk food however.
    - Food to keep you going, and hydration to keep you hydrated, of course.
    - You would need legal side of stuff, might be worth keeping your ID with you, Passport, and writing down your national insurance number, etc.
    - Also something to do in your free time, if you have any, which is light and easy to pack, can include, IPod games, etc.

    But that's just the basics, and should pretty much fit in to a decent back pack, or camp bag if you have one! Keeping in mind, you wouldn't want to make it to heavy, as you would be carrying it around with you everywhere!
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    When i left home i took a small suitcase and that was it!

    I would suggest -

    Laptop/tablet &/or phone - really important to be able to contact people to get housing advice and a lot of housing bidding systems and information about benefits and such can be only accessed online. There are lots of free wifi spots that you can use.

    Things to keep your spirits up - a book, sketch pad, ipod. Sleeping rough is very depressing and you need something to keep your mind busy. Baring that in mind, you can always go to a library and take out some books, and use one of their computers if you don't have any way of getting onto Internet.

    Plenty of layers - including hat/scarf/gloves, a waterproof and some decent shoes.

    A decent sleeping bag - helpful if you're on a sofa or somewhere else

    Plenty of socks and pants - if you cant wash anything else, you need a clean supply of these!

    Money, bankcards, ID, medication if you have any

    A guitar or other musical instrument if you play - busking can help get enough change to keep you in hot meals, and it will occupy your time.
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    Charger for anything electronic you're taking.
    Contact details for the practical stuff in life, GP, Dentist, any support worker.
    Bank statement if you've got an account - or at least something with all the account numbers on.
    Sanitary towels/tampons if you're a girl, you might not need them this week but odds on you will soon.
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    A small bumbag if you have / can buy one (one of the ones for travelling) that you can hold emergency cash, ID, etc. in and put it as close to your body as poss (i.e. under clothes).
  • *Holly**Holly* Moderator Posts: 140 Settling in
    Thank you, you lovely lot.

    This is really useful!
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    Just wanted to let you all know that this article is now finished so thanks again for all your input, you even get some props on the article itself :yes:

    What to pack before you leave home

    The revamp of the entire Housing section is now complete :hyper:

    Take a look HERE.

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