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Parents working long hours to blame for rise in loneliness, depression, bullying...


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    I do agree that in some cases it can be 'a symptom of loneliness and unhappiness', but I don't agree that it's always because of the relationship a child has with their parents.

    Some people have an okay relationship with their parents yet this doesn't always mean they won't still feel lonely. A lot of people tend to rather be on social networking sites or on their own rather than actually spending time with their parents.

    There are a lot of reasons why a child doesn't want to open up to someone they're close to about something, it's not at all always because they feel they don't have a close enough relationship with their parents.
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    I don't necessarily agree.

    Parents could stay at home all day, and children could still feel lonely, depressed etc.

    Agree with Butterfly as well, it's the relationship you have with your parents that changes everything. If you have a close relationship with them, you'd less likely feel alone as you would feel you have someone to talk to. Whereas if you don't have a close relationship with them, you may not feel like you can talk to them, to where it may cause you to feel more lonely and depressed etc.
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