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Mdma/ecstasy with 0 alcohol

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if i ever take anything on a night out, its usually when im already drunk and i get offered some mephedrone (mkat) or cocaine. Ive done pills and md twice but also when ive been drunk.

For new years eve im going out with a group of mates who regularly go to ravey sort of gigs, and theyre taking mdma but im told not to drink at all because the effect is a lot better and the comedown is very light and easy to handle. Is this true? Anyone done mdma sober is it better?



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    Mixing drugs (MD + Alcohol) can be very dangerous, and I would definitely advice against it. On a how it feels basis, I'd say MD on it's own is definitely better than when mixing with other things, more of a floaty kinda buzz than a heavy/slightly drunk one.

    Make sure you're drinking enough water on MD, dehydration is a big problem especially when dancing a lot. I'd avoid mkat as much as possible, it's very very dirty at the moment over England (my dad's a drugs worker in the NHS, and they test the purity of drugs with police kits. The meow they tested was less than 10% actually mephedrone, the rest was just caffeine and other shit)
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    ^ watch with the re-hydration thing. It is possible to over hydrate as one of the side effects is urinary retention and sweating, leading to decreased sodium levels (which could result in swelling in the brain and death). I haven't really noticed too much of a difference when I've taken it sober (I simply feel more confident/buzzed) which is the same effect I have when I'm drinking, though I think it is very wise advice to stick to just the one drug. It's incredibly easy to overdose on mdma and so mixing it with other things could be dangerous. Any way.. enjoy your night out and if you're going to be taking anything make sure you let someone know what you're taking in case anything goes wrong.
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    What the previous poster said. Dehydration is only really a problem if you're sweating a lot, obviously drinking alcohol will can add to dehydration.
    Poly drug use is really not a good idea, there are some dangerous interaction between some chemicals, and to be honest you'll get more out of MDMA in particular if you do it on its own
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