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Tenancy Deposit Refund

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Basically my landlord is taking the piss and trying to bill us for 17 hours worth of cleaning after we moved out. I know this is ridiculous because even though I was first to move out a few days ahead of everyone else the house was already clean and my housemates spent that weekend cleaning. I mean really cleaning, doing the ovens, even wiping all the skirting boards down. My housemate said she was going to take photos because we suspected he'd try and fleece us for cleaning as he had already done earlier in the year. I suspect he just cleans the houses regardless of what state they're left in and then just bills the tenants. He's even trying to charge me for cleaning my room even though he inspected it himself when I moved out and I made sure it was spotless. I know we can refuse to pay the share but the trick is getting in touch with my former housemates to discuss it. All but 2 of them have become pretty elusive so unless we all agree then he's going to bill us. Is there anything we can do?


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    Did he protect the deposit? He should have notified you in writing within 30 days of you paying him your bond stating which scheme he used. It's not as simple as him deciding he wants to pocket the money, you can dispute his claims and he will have to provide evidence that the house was left unclean. Was an inventory done at the start of the tenancy stating what condition the house was in i.e. any stains on carpets etc left by the previous tenants? I would start by requesting he puts his concerns about the cleanliness of the house in writing. That should make him think twice about trying to fleece you, if it doesn't then speak to CAB or Shelter as they will have plenty of experience with unscrupulous landlords.

    If he's trying to bill you separate from the deposit money, I would just refuse to pay. The worst he can do is threaten to take you to small claims court and the time and money involved to do this is not going to be worth his while.
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    Yeah it was protected, I had it in writing. I'm going to get in touch with my housemate that said she'd take photos after cleaning to see if she did. He's also trying to bill us for a new microwave because it was 'damaged' even though it was working fine. He's bee difficult to deal with from day 1
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    If he deducts it you will have to lodge a complaint with the deposit scheme, who will decide whether there should be a deduction and, if so, how much. The undisputed amount should be returned to you within 10 working days, regardless of the outcome of the rest.

    Some landlords believe that the deposit is theirs, not yours, and this is the result.
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    He's claiming if we don't all agree an amount it will be deducted equally between us because that's what it says in our agreements? Will we still be able to get it back through the scheme because what he is claiming is ridiculous. He's also trying to bill us for a damaged microwave which was working fine
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    Hey there,
    Sorry to hear you're having trouble getting a deposit back from a landlord after moving out.
    I think flibbertygibbert has it spot on.
    If you dispute what your landlord is saying (e.g. about the cleanliness and the microwave) then you should raise a dispute with the tenancy deposit protector. They will go through a process to determine whether your landlord can deduct anything and if so how much.
    Speaking with someone from a tenancy deposit protector they did tell me that the more information you can provide them the better. They can only make a decision based on what is in front of them. So send them and inventories, anything in writing from your landlord and any pictures or videos you have taken.
    In addition, or as a first step, put your dispute to your landlord in writing explaining exactly why you think he has it wrong. Ask for a response in writing. This may lead him to return your deposit in full.

    The Citizens Advice Bureau or Shelter may be able to offer more detailed advice if you contact them.
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    Had another email from him today pressing me to respond, but I've only just managed to find contact details for the housemate that said she'd take photos. hopefully she did, but if he's claiming 17.5 hours worth of cleaning I don't think it's unreasonable to ask him to provide evidence for the house needing that much cleaning. I dunno what my other housemates have responded with, I tried to get everyone to discuss it but it was like pulling teeth, some haven't even replied and have already responded to him. And i'm guessing just agreeing with him because they never stood up to him. Argh, either way I'm still disputing it but I want something to go in with first.
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    Hey Ballerina, just wondered how things were going with this? Sounds like getting your housemates in order was a bit like herding cats ;) Have you managed to work things out?
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    Turns out everyone just went and settled without saying anything so I've got no choice but to accept because it's too late for it to be distributed differently. Bloody housemates. I don't have the energy to argue about it now what with other stuff going on at the moment. Still annoyed that he's got away with it, he's basically made us pay his business costs
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