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GP appointment for depression/medication

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I am due to see my GP for the first time regarding my mental health and depression in a few weeks as they called me yesterday wanting me to make an appointment as they had received a letter from my psychologist. I am already on amitriptyline but not for depression as I got put on it to help with headaches following my stroke. Obviously this is also an anti-depressant but I am worried that they are going to want to put me on more meds. I know I won't have to explain everything to my GP as she already knows from the letter what is going on and that I am self harming and having occasional suicidal thoughts but I just wanted to know what kinda things she will talk about and what she might do? I am reluctant to try any new medication but think that is to do with the fact that I don't really want to admit that anything is wrong and carry on pretending that I am fine. I know I am adult so confidentiality is different to if I was a kid but I am paranoid that my family are going to find out and every time the phone rings I think it is someone going to tell them which I know is ridiculous.
Anyway, I just wanted to know if anyone knew how these meds work and if they have worked for them? Thankfully its still over 2 weeks until my appointment.


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    Hey, well done for :)

    u could make appatment if u not got one and go and have a chat with ur GP. They go threw it with u :)


    sorry ur having this thoughts its nott nice feeling to have :(.

    i think u could go and see ur gp about it. Tell them that all this is worring u they will go threw it with u :)

    stay carm ill be fine :) u can write things down too that helps and show ur gp

    hope this helps
    lets us know how it goes :)
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    If you don't want to be put on any more meds, then tell the doctor. You can refuse them if you wish. I did and he was fine about it.
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    As Melian says, you can refuse.

    But I think what you need to decide first is exactly why you don't want to go on meds.

    Go through the pros and cons and whether either outweighs the other. When you're there, discuss possible side effects with the doctor and what the differences between each one are.

    Maybe say no for now, but use that information to make a well thought out decision for later.

    Remember that your doctor will only want to help you and go in with an open mind.
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    If you find it hard to talk to your doctor, maybe you could try writing down what's going on for you?

    Meds aren't for everyone, but some people find that they alleviate some symptoms whilst waiting for other treatment, or work towards recovery when combined with another form of therapy. You are the arbiter of what goes in your body, best to be honest with your GP about your concerns.
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    Sorry to hear you are depressed. Are you getting any support until you see your GP? Are friends and family supportive?
    I've not tried any meds but I hear they do work in the short-term just don't come to rely on them long-term, find coping and relaxation techniques that help you ease your anxiety and depression.
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    Hi Lauren,

    Good to see you here on the boards. How did your appointments this week go? I know you had extra ones and weren't sure how they were going to go?

    I really just wanted to say that piccolos suggestion of writing things down to take with you to the appointment could be a really good one. By your posts it sounds like you've got a really good insight into your worries, concerns and feelings with regards to how you feel and what you want. If you make a list of these, it might be easier to make sure you cover all of them with your doctor. Don't be afraid to ask questions and open up about your worries - that's what they are there for. And there's nothing worse than leaving an appointment feeling frustrated because you missed saying something important.

    As you mention in your post, it sounds like part of your reluctance to trying new meds is to do with the fact you don't want to admit anything is wrong. But as piccolo says, sometimes they can help in the short term while you have other therapy - a bit like a crutch can help someone walk while they are getting physio for their leg. Whatever you decide, the main thing is that you feel comfortable and in control of your treatment.

    It's great that you are thinking carefully about what you want and asking for advice. Hope you're doing ok today. Keep us posted. *hug*
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    My appointments this week were ok. Tuesday's one brought up a lot of different emotions which I reacted quite badly to and really took it out on myself which I then regretted afterwards but they got better as the week went on. For the first time in weeks I actually saw quite a big improvement in physio which made me feel loads better which was good so hopefully now I am having 2 physiotherapy sessions a week this should continue to improve. I was worried physio would be really awkward since she saw my cuts but it has been ok actually and she was glad this week to see me as she said it put her mind at ease as I came across happier and more positive than the other week. Admittedly I put this on but I don't want her to worry.

    Regarding the meds I spoke to my psychologist about it on Friday as she is the one who is referring me back to my GP as she feels medication is going to help along with her sessions as well as possible psychodynamic therapy which she is trying to find me. I am less reluctant now and have a GP appointment booked for a couple of weeks where I am going to discuss this with her and see what she suggests.

    I do feel that my life is revolving around appointments as am having 2 psychology sessions which last for almost 2 hours each a week and 2 physio sessions. I know they are helping me and I have accepted that I need help regarding my mood so I guess this is ok. I might try writing things down but I just get scared that somebody is going to find them :(
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