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University Interview

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Hey all,
Sorry to bring the 'oh god uni' conversation into another thread but I was wondering if anyone has any tips for interview, especially for someone who panics, like me!:eek:
I have my date and time and I've arranged transport to give me plenty of time to get there and home again, so I'm not too worried about that :thumb:, but for the actual interview:heart::nervous:? I'm applying for a humanities subject at Leeds, if that is any help, I'm just nervous about what they are going to want to talk about or what I should be expected to know, kind of thing.
If anyone has any advice, I would be really grateful



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    Hi K :wave:

    I've never applied for Uni so don't really have anything useful to say but maybe take a look at this:

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    I had an interview for my nursing degree at uni. In order to ask you to go for interview they must already like you and are just checking that you are passionate about the subject and are the right person for them. First impressions make a difference so wear something smart and nothing too bright to draw attention away from you. Don't over think your answers as otherwise they won't appear natural and it may come across that you are just saying that rather than its what you actually feel. Also, know what you put in your personal statement as they often ask questions from that as it is what they have already received from you. There are the usual,'why do you want to come here?' 'why have you chosen this course?' questions so have an idea with that. Just be yourself and they will see you and remember to be passionate about the subject. They will expect you to be nervous as it is a big deal applying to uni but I had a few interviews and they were all so much easier and more relaxed than I expected. Oh and smile lots :). Good luck
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