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Mindfulnessss :)

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So, quite often, when I'm out I focus on my breathing and try to understand the certain emotion I'm feeling. This is going well, and I think I finally have the hang of it. I'm struggling to move on from this though, so I wondered what is the easiest thing to try next?


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    Hi Butterfly,

    It's great you are learning to focus on your breathing and how you are feeling 'in the moment'. Mindfulness is an ongoing practice so keep doing that! You could also try being mindful of other things - try mindful walking or mindful eating. This is where you focus on all the feelings and sensations associated with doing these actions. It's a good way to bring you back to the present moment and give your mind a rest from all the worries.

    It's also good to try and do mindful breathing (what some people call a 'breathing space') when you notice you are experiencing unpleasant sensations. I explain a bit more about this in my post here.

    I've found some more information for you from Mind. You can read all my blogs on the 8 week course I did on there and also some more info from the NHS. This might help you to work out how you can fit mindfulness into your daily life in a helpful way.

    Give me a shout if you have any more questions!

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    Wow, thanks fostress!

    I like the sound of the three minute breathing space. I will probably do this, like you did, when I make a drink.
    Also I'm going to try mindful walking. I'll let you know how it goes, if that's alright.

    I'm going to write some of these explanations down in my notepad so I can look at this whenever I need to or want to. I keep my notepad in my over the shoulder bag which I take out with me most times, so if I forget or struggle with it I can take a look at the notes on mindfulness.

    Thanks :)
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    Hi butterfly,

    Yay, keep me posted :thumb:

    I like the idea of a notebook to remind you of the techniques and reasons why you're trying it - it's easy to get caught up in the thoughts and worries of every day life and forget about the things you need to do to look after yourself.

    You can use the three minute breathing space at any time. Some people use an app like Headspace which sends them texts to remind them to take some time out and spend three minutes being mindful.

    Next time you find yourself experiencing negative or difficult emotions, have a go doing the breathing space then too. It can help you take a step away from them and 'change mental gears' in the way you approach them. Sometimes even the tiniest change in perspective can make a big difference.

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    Hi, thanks Fostress :)

    I have been trying the three minute breathing space. I wouldn't say I've got the hang of it yet but I'm getting there slowly. The only thing I really don't understand is the 'bodily sensations'. How do you even know what these should feel like?

    I love the mindful walking. Again I wouldn't say I've got the hang of it. I guess with the mindful walking as well I know what like... it's hard to explain! How are you so good at explaining things like this? Okay, I understand the feelings I get from mindful walking but I'm not sure what the bodily sensations are. Maybe I'm just being dumb.

    When I get the hang of these two, I want to try the mindful eating. I'll work my way up slowly :)
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