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Drunk and disorderly... Unusual case.

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Hi guys just wanted to say that I've used this forum for a while now and it has been a wealth of knowledge on various issues!

Basically I have been given a court date for D&D, obviously this tells I've had a fine and a caution before in my student days! This was for failing to leave the area for 12 hours. Which at the time I didn't understand and was caught walking through the city centre towards a takeaway 30 minutes later!!

The reason this is different is due to the fact I also have a possible court summons from trading standards. I had some copyright issues which were minor and I was fully co operative and they were friendly but case is currently under investigation (still from 6 months ago) solicitor states that no more than a council caution would probably come and taking it to court would be a bit excessive.

I was just wondering that if by my bad luck they decide to Opt for court and my hearing ends up being the week after my D&D would they think I'm just on a downward spiral or would they know the facts of how long it's been in review and that thy are completely different incidents?

Also what is most likely to be the outcome of the D&D as I have quite a good job whereby I work through my company and pay myself a wage although the company itself earns around 50k

Oh and I have no prior convictions or arrests other than a few points on my driving license for speeding!!



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    "Better Call Saul!"

    Seriously. It sounds like you have some fairly specific things going on, and the questions you put would be better answered by your legal representative, who could know all the facts.
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    Yeah appreciate the time it took you to reply. I have a specialist business law solicitor for the copyright issue but he's only going to get in touch when they make their minds up! He told me at the police station not to worry really as it's hardly crime of the century and it's probably not worth their time taking me to court for using someone's logo on my website!

    I was more worried about being unlucky and it falling together. Trading standards might not call me for another year but would be soooo frustrated if I ended up getting the worst outcome which would be court and the judge being same one from my D&D, then remembering from the week before!

    Also hoping because technically my company gets paid and I'm an employee on a wage that I will escape a hefty fine which would come with an earning capacity of over 50k at such a young age.
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