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stressing about 6th form before its started!

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So, i've signed up for the courses and all four gave us a pre course task. And theyre hard. Sign up day was tuesday, we had two study days and all the tasks are in tomoorrow because we dont know when oour first lessons are. Ive conpleted them but dont feel happy with them because of the time limit. Im already considering changing a course. This on top of everything else isnt what i need, and i dont know why putting it on here would help. Basically i am well and truly fucked before i have begun! BRILLIANT.


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    Hiya cutesmileyfun,

    How was 6th form today? Did you hand your assignments in?
    Well done on getting them all finished :) Two days doesn't sound like much for four tasks. Maybe the teachers just wanted to give you a taste of the subjects before properly starting the courses?

    Let us know how it went :)
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    it was good today because i had 2 free's, then double english lit, then drama. so i have time to improve my german and sociology which im so happy about!
    And they should have given us a taste in the summer, like english lit did, because it stressed everyone out. but drama today was good, i think i'm gonna enjoy it:D
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    Amazing. Happy to hear it :thumb:
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    I think that people can often worry about something quite a lot mainly because of the unknown factor, this in my experience anyway can effect how you view (for example) the content of a course. Once you settle in and get on with things you can sometimes find things a lot easier, it is worth giving something time for you to get used to. Hope 6th form goes well for you.
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    I hope that everything is going well for you, and you're enjoying the sixth form. I found it really help to make 'To Do' lists every once in while. Also, I stayed in school alot of the time just to get myself to actually work, because things at home weren't great. Plus, make sure you use your free lessons wisely, even if it's just for quarter of an hour reading up on something before the lesson or something, every little bit helps. :)
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    Thanks guys, im actually sitting here in tears right now because im so stressed. and i know that crying about it isn't gonna help me but its the only thing i can do at the minute. I'm just really scared i think. Because the stress of gcse's made me start to s/h often, and i'm terrified about a-levels

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    Really sorry to hear that. When I was doing my A-Levels sometimes I felt like I wanted to rip my hair out with the stress! Break it down into a To Do List, and put a star next to the urgent stuff that is top priority. Also, in class, make your own notes which are condensed but full of info so that when you get to having to do an essay it's like a powerful, quick blast of all the info you need, and crucially, it saves lots of time.
    Secondly, try and find something you really love, and use it as an incentive. So, for me, I used to say- "Right, do that essay tonight, and then you've got time to watch ... on YouTube.". Try and make your working environment (try and keep to one place, so it gets your mind focused) as "you" as possible, so it kinds of helps you along. Personally, I used to make myself a big pot of tea and just get through the stuff with my work, and had my fave quotes above my desk for some moral support. For you, it could be music, pictures, photos of friends-anything that reminds you that once work is done-and YOU CAN DO IT-then there's lots to enjoy, and that overwhelming sense of panic will decrease.
    Any support systems/techniques you had before-social worker/CPN/ school support/friends-make sure they know what's going on, so they can help pick up on any worrying things with you, and help you before it escalates.
    Really wish you all the best, sorry if it's alot to read. :)
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    thankyou :) i'll try it
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