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applying for medicine in cambridge

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Hiya. I'm going to apply to Cambridge to read Medicine this year which means that my UCAS form has to be handed in, like, ew.... three weeks!!!!! The major thing here is that I still don't have any idea on what to put in it!!!! i mean, since only 4 of the 6 choices can be dedicated to medicine, i don't think i can just go on and on and on about my 'passion' for medicine and ignore the other course, but if i mention the other course and cut out stuffs i'm supposed to put in, the chance is even slimmer.... PLEASE!!!! can anyone HELP!!!!!!
the other thing is that i DON'T have work experience!!! the GP simply won't let me work shadow him and the hospital is like an hour from my house, how can i still convince ppl that i'm going to be a good doctor??? AR!!!! THIS WHOLE THING IS SO DISASTROUS!!

any single comment is appreciated. thx!


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    in your ucas form, you need to show them several things. you need to show why you want to study medicine, so think about why you want to do it, and why you think you'd be good at it (without boasting too much)

    the two medicine unrelated ones can be a problem... if they're science based ones you can relate it into your interest in medicine and human biology. if they're humanities based mention that you're interested in them, because of skills/interest you have in them. these skills could then be linked with your medicine application.

    lack of work experience could be a problem... you need to appear dedicated to the course. might be an idea to mention that you have been unable to attain any experience, but have plans to talk to someone in the profession about what it involves. then before the interview you will have an opportunity to go talk to someone at the hospital/gps about it? just keep nagging, or ask around, you might have a medical person in a friend's family for instance.

    hope that helps and good luck! <IMG alt="image" SRC="">;
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    thanks for your advice. i'll try to waffle all i could but i doubt if it would be any success.... thanks again anyways
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    OK - i've asked around and here are a few tips for you:
    Make sure that your first 4 choices are for medicine
    Get work experience, even if you can only do a little, call your local hospital - they should be able to help. It will show even more dedication if you have to travel a bit to get there, and medicine requires 100% dedication.
    Try and do a reputed first aid course both basic and advanced.
    As for the application, put medicine as your main interest, if you don't get accepted for this the other universities will respect that you had the ambition to apply to do medicine.
    Worst that can happen is your UCAS places reject you and you apply through clearing after results for another subject. It isn't the end of the world and it isn't worth worrying about that now, just concentrate on your application.
    Your college tutor should be able to help you with your form and personal statement. They should also have a careers advisor there, if not they will be able to put you in touch with one.
    Good Luck
    Susie <IMG alt="image" SRC="">;
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    thx ever so much for the trouble. I've contacted the local hospital already but haven't got a reply yet. Hope that they can reply before I submit my personal statement....
    please feel free to give me any more advice and again, THANK YOU!!!!!^__^
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